30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia

30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia “You Must Know.”

30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia “You Must Know.” Is the topic of this article please enjoy.

What makes Cubic Zirconia special?

Cubic Zirconia is a lab-created gemstone grown in a diamond-like crystal structure.

It is almost optically flawless and has a very high refractive index like a diamond.

You know it is also harder (8 to 8.5 on the Mohs scale) than other gemstones, making it an ideal choice for jewelry.

Even with daily use, it lasts for about 2-3 years or longer. 

Let’s find out how Cubic Zirconia is made, why this beautiful piece is so affordable is Cubic Zirconia worth buying, and many other facts. Now let’s get on the 30 fascinating facts about Cubic Zirconia you must know.

What Is AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia?

The most highly polished stones are rated AAA. They tend to have a higher luster and shine than A-grade gems.

Still, they don’t have the level of finishing or facets found on even better-quality pieces like those made from zirconia, except for these polish Marks, which can be seen across their surfaces.

How To Keep Your Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Sparkling?

Cubic Zirconia is primarily utilized in place of diamonds for jewelry and other decorations. Soaking your jewelry in a diluted solution can help to remove dirt and grime.

You may also use toothpaste, but make sure the bristles are soft enough to damage any material! 

To give more expensive looks to pieces like cubic zirconia bracelets or necklaces with stones, try dipping them briefly into the water before brushing off excess moisture at once; this will cause particles stuck on there during application.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) – What do we think about CZ? Is Cubic Zirconia a good option?

Is Cubic Zirconia Cheap? 

Cubic zirconia may look cheap, but this isn’t the case when looking at the quality which you will find in Cubic zirconia jewelry.

However, when mounted in high-quality settings, these stones can be worth thousands of dollars according to size and quality – even if you’re only paying less than $100!

Is Cubic Zirconia A Lab Created Diamond? 

Cubic zirconia is a cubic crystalline zirconium dioxide form and contains zero carbon.

It is like a diamond in appearance, but Cubic Zirconia is not rare like diamonds are, huh, interesting! It has got similar properties to diamonds, including hardness and thermal conductivity.

They are identical to lab-grown diamonds, but the keen eyes always know the difference. 

Cubic Zirconia is often misinterpreted as simulated diamonds though stones are identical.

30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia "You Must Know."
30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia “You Must Know.”

Do Cubic Zirconia Diamonds Pass the Diamond Test? 

Cubic Zirconia will not pass a diamond test. A natural diamond has certain qualities that it does not have. Cubic zirconia can be assessed through thermal conductivity, dispersion, and hardness.

Also, it does not possess these traits, while diamonds are the complete opposite—they have thermal conductivity, dispersion, and hardness.

Are Cubic Zirconia Fake Diamonds?

Cubic zirconia is a chemical compound that shares many of the same qualities as diamonds but comes at a much lower cost. It was first discovered in Russia by German chemist Martin Eifert in 1883. 

The most common substitute for diamonds is cubic zirconia.

Cubic zirconia is often used as an alternative in jewelry due to their durable nature and relative affordability, making them very popular.

Especially among those looking for more affordable pieces. Commonly it’s known as simulated diamond.

How Much Is a Cubic Zirconia Diamond Worth? 

It Depends on the quality and cut, but cubic zirconia may cost anywhere from $5 to thousands of dollars.

However, some rings, pendants, etc. that contain cubic zirconia could be worth many thousands of dollars due to their high quality and similarity to diamonds.

It is often marketed as an affordable diamond alternative for those not looking to spend an arm and a leg on jewelry.

Is Cubic Zirconia Prettier Than Diamond? 

It is the most popular diamond look-alike is the beautiful Cubic zirconia with its brightness, fire, and luster is unmatched in any other stone.

In light, diamonds show a robust white fire (the “diamond’s brilliance”). In contrast, cubic zirconia gives off much more colorful lights as they can display different colors depending on their surroundings.

Are Cubic Zirconia Diamonds Worth Buying? 

A Cubic Zirconia looks very similar to diamonds.

Jewelers love cubic zirconia because they are so durable. You can wear your jewelry every day without worrying about breaking or losing its appeal over time as natural diamonds do!

Why Are Some Cubic Zirconia Poor Quality? 

Cubic zirconia is not as durable or hard-wearing as diamonds, so they will eventually lose some of their sparkle and shine.

Every genuine diamond has some form of inclusions, but they can be difficult to spot without magnification. But it is the opposite for cubic zirconia.

Which Is Harder on Mohs Scale Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia Cub

The hardest stone on Earth, with a 10 out of 10 for hardness – diamond is a 10 on the Mohs scale where Cubic zirconia is an 8 to 8.5.  So, diamonds are much harder.

Will Cubic Zirconia Turn Green?

When you wear your piece of jewelry and is exposed to your skin and the elements if your jewelry components might contain a thin rhodium plate over brass base metal it will eventually wear away, this exposed brass can react with your skin and cause a green color.

For these reasons, wedding rings would be one piece of jewelry you would want to avoid if it is plated with brass or copper.

To clean your jewelry after monthly wearing (even swimming), simply scrubbing with some mild dish soap would be enough! 

When you’re done cleaning, your jewelry will look new again, despite any natural oils that may have been present beforehand. Cubic Zirconia stones require much more attention because metal adhesives degrade over time, unlike other types.

Can You Shower with Cubic Zirconia?

It is better to take off your cubic zirconia jewelry before you shower.

Dampness will ruin the surface of any gemstone and may cause corrosion on the metal components if not removed immediately after exposure to water.

The only time you should get these pieces wet is when cleaning them (or removing stains), so make sure they’re spotless first by following our tips below.

Does Cubic Zirconia get cloudy?

After years of wear, your Cubic Zirconia can get cloudy to confirm this see if you can read words through your Cubic Zirconia piece.

Cubic Zirconia last 2 to 5 years under normal conditions–with everyday use. If your regular cleaning & care routines are followed, they will remain shiny and new-looking.

How Long Does Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Last?

Cubic Zirconia is a type of crystal, and crystals tend not to last very long, usually about 2-5 years.

The average person can wear their rings, pendants, etc. every day without worrying about it getting scratched or cloudy unless in the case of a ring they’re frequently washing their hands! 

If you have a necklace and only wear it now and then it should last for many years.

Does Cubic Zirconia Lose Their Sparkle?

If you don’t take care of your cubic zirconia, it will lose its shine and become cloudy.

Follow these easy cleaning tips: Use a soft cloth or microfiber drying towel to wipe down any excess water before you put them away.

Will Zirconia Scratch Glass?

Yes, some higher-quality Cubic Zirconia can scratch glass. 

The Mohs scale scientifically measures the hardness of gemstones and crystals.

Glasses, diamonds, and other minerals have different levels of hardness while Cubic Zirconia is rated an 8 to 8.5 on this scale which determines how much pressure they can withstand before being damaged. 

The Cubic Zirconia rating shows that it can scratch glass but not cut it.  It is well known that glass cutters use a diamond blade to cut glass.

Is Cubic Zirconia Strong?

Despite being more brittle than a diamond and thus easily broken, Cubic Zirconia being an 8 to 8.5 on the Mohs scale is quite hard/strong.

Does Pandora Use Cubic Zirconia?

It is among the most popular stones in Pandora’s artificial stone assortment with its alluring appearance.

It also has sustainability value, making it a great addition to any design! Near colorless diamonds are what they use for our jewelry designs due to this beautiful gemstone’s affordability and durability while still maintaining that unique look.

Why Is Cubic Zirconia So Cheap?

It is a beautiful and affordable alternative to diamonds. One carat of the synthetic stone will cost about $20, while two carats go for about $30.!

That’s cheaper than most people think especially when compared against other gemstones like sapphires that can cost upwards of thousands upon thousand dollars per ounce.

How to take care of Cubic Zirconia?

Clean your cubic zirconia jewelry regularly to keep it looking its best.

Make sure you rinse the pieces well and pat them dry with a soft, clean cloth so that soap doesn’t build up on the surface of any precious metal-covered gemstones.

Never use tissues when cleaning your jewelry. They’ll leave behind fibers that may scratch your Is Cubic Zirconia Strong piece of jewelry.

What are the initials ZA stand for?

In Jewelry, ZA is cubic zirconia. It is made from hard minerals, which can be seen with an under magnification as having different structures compared to natural crystals from occurs in all directions rather than just up/down traction forces at right angles between each order groupings.

Hence, they form points along their edges where there should otherwise only see Cleavages.

Is Cubic Zirconia A Birthstone?

Cubic zirconia is not a December birthstone. It’s an artificial diamond that looks like it, which means that it has similar properties to the real thing but lacks some essential qualities like color and transparency.

The stone itself ranges in colors from clear and white-colored hues all way down through browns, yellows, orange-yellow tones of red, purple-blue, black, etc.

Is It OK To Propose with A Cubic Zirconia?

When planning a surprise proposal, it’s essential to know the right ring for your future fiancé. Suppose she isn’t sure what kind or size she likes.

That is where a Cubic Zirconia ring would be a good temporary ring to propose with for that element of surprise and then she can pick out exactly what she wants that will also fit into your budget.

Which Is Better Swarovski Cubic Zirconia vs. Cubic Zirconia?

Simply put, Swarovski Zirconia Cubic Zirconia is a better choice than plain Cubic Zirconia.

More importantly than being simply more of a good choice Swarovski Zirconia Cubic Zirconia is a branded piece of jewelry.

Yes, it will be more expensive but the Swarovski name would be in my opinion a much better choice.

Will A Fake Diamond Sink in Water?

Throw your diamond ring into the water. If it sinks quickly to the bottom of a glass, then you have yourself an authentic diamond.

Don’t forget that fake diamonds are usually less thick-walled than their natural counterparts. And will thus float on top or barely register when submerged in liquid.

Final Thoughts On… 30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia “You Must Know.”

Now you have got all the facts about the Cubic zirconia. So, is cubic zirconia a perfect gemstone for you?

Cubic zirconia is a fantastic diamond imitation, which you should consider when choosing a more cost-efficient option for a real diamond.

Cubic zirconia comes with many benefits as diamonds, but it also has a few key differences if you know what to look for.

Cubic Zirconia is not the most expensive diamond imitation, but it’s still precious and costs more than most other kinds.

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30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia "You Must Know."
30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia “You Must Know.”

Frequently Asked Questions.

Are cubic zirconia engagement rings tacky?

The word “tacky” is a difficult one to use to describe anything. However, there is one topic that even the most enthusiastic proponents of cubic zirconia will concede as being “tacky”, and that is engagement rings made of cubic zirconia.
Informal surveys have shown that most people find these rings to be less desirable than other kinds of jewelry, and often treat the wearer differently because of them. Few people want to be seen in public wearing them, and even fewer women would want to be given one.

Will cubic zirconia dull over time?

Do you love your cubic zirconia jewelry, but are worried they might dull over time? Cubic zirconia has been around since the 1930s and has made a lasting impression on many people.
They usually come in yellows or light blues, and their transparent appearance makes them appear like crystals. Cubic zirconia jewelry can dull and lose its shine over time if you expose them to soap, makeup, etc.
The more care you take with these pieces of jewelry the more shine and the brilliance of the stone will remain.
While CZs are not as expensive as diamonds, they still can be quite costly. Many people have found ways to make them last for years.

Are cubic zirconia earrings good?

Concerned that your cubic zirconia earrings are not real diamonds? Well, the looks and feels are just like real diamonds.
Cubic zirconia is man-made crystals that are used to imitate diamonds. They may be less expensive, but they still look and feel just like real diamonds. The key is authenticity, color, and cut.

30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia "You Must Know."
30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia “You Must Know.”
30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia "You Must Know."
30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia “You Must Know.”
30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia "You Must Know."
30 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia “You Must Know.”






























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