Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? "21 Facts You Decide"

Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? “21 Facts You Decide”

Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? “21 Facts You Decide” I cover 21 interesting facts all about Moissanite Diamonds.

So, are Moissanite diamonds real?

The short answer is yes and no!

Moissanite is not a real diamond they are natural gemstone with many attributes of real diamonds without the high price point.

Moissanit is an attractive option for an engagement ring or other types of jewelry.

As you search for the perfect diamond, you may encounter moissanite diamonds. You might be wondering if they are real or not. 

We will cover the 21 facts from their history to appearance and everything in between.

So, whether you are about to get started in your diamond buying journey or considering switching to moissanite diamonds, this article is for you! So let’s get started:

What Is the Most Realistic Imitation Diamond?

The best imitation diamonds are those that closely resemble natural diamonds in appearance. Top imitation diamond imitation brands are getting recognition.

They’re becoming so realistic that even experts can’t distinguish between them and natural diamonds!

And among those stones, moissanite is the most realistic beautiful imitation diamond. And it has got many similarities to the diamonds.

What is Moissanite and How Does it Com to Diamond?

Is Moissanite A Imitation Diamond?

Moissanite (silicon carbide) is a natural gemstone that happens to look, feel, and perform like a diamond.

The history of Moissanites goes back centuries with its discovery in 1893 by Henri Moissan when he noticed small crystals during an investigation into what had happened at Arizona’s Meteor Crater site.

These quickly became known as “diamond look alike.”

Is Moissanite Better Than Cubic Zirconia?

Moissanite is not just a bluestone. It’s also much harder than cubic zirconia, with scores of 9.25 versus 8.5 for cubic zirconia.

It will be more resistant against scratches for those who want their engagement ring to look good in future years! 

Moissanite has got a refractive index of 2.65. It bends light more than cubic zirconia and produces rainbows when exposed to different visible spectrum colors due to its unique crystal structure.

However, this difference in degree is barely noticeable unless you are looking directly at either one! 

Both stones will look practically identical under most lighting conditions because they both come with double refraction (birefringence), meaning any coloration present within those gemstones can easily blend.

The durability and quality are on par with other gems, but moissanite’s semi-precious status sets it apart. It can be identified as a better option for those who want the best. 

For some people, the size of their moissanite rings can make them feel as though they are not authentic. There is no defined set of rules about how big or small your diamond should be as it varies with what look you want for your finger!

The larger stones also tend to have a more intense color under certain lighting conditions and from different angles, so if that’s important, then stay below 1 carat (about 6mm)

Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? "21 Facts You Decide"
Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? “21 Facts You Decide”

How Can You Tell a Moissanite from A Diamond?

It’s quite difficult to identify the difference between a Moissanite diamond and a diamond with the naked eye!

Moissanites, when seen by the naked eye, will have less brilliance (sparkle) than an actual diamond has typically.

You can tell the difference between a diamond with such equipment as jewelry loupe, testers, or the JFIRE tester.

You will be able to see some of the features and differences between the moissanite and diamonds:

  • Weight The low density of moissanite means they have less mass per unit volume when compared to the diamonds. It means the same size diamond will be heavier than a moissanite diamond. It also makes it simple and easy to cut into gems with an industrial laser or saw blade without getting too heated up in the process!
  • Double Fraction Moissanite is more perfect and sparkly than a diamond with similar clarity, color, cut. In addition to this double refractive property makes it appear doubled when you look through the top or side of a polished round stone, while in diamonds, you won’t find this effect.

What Can Chip a Moissanite?

Moissanite is less susceptible to chips than most other gemstones. Moissanite is a hard stone.

Though not the absolute hardest, diamond is the hardest and Moissanite comes in second. Moissanite is harder than other gems like Rubies and Sapphires.

Moissanite has a good resistance against chipping. So, it’s much unlikely to see a moissanite chipping, scratching, or cracking.

Does Moissanite Get Cloudy or Dirty?

The beauty of moissanite is that it will not grow ‘cloudy’ as the year’s pass. But it can get dirty quickly and appear filmy, so remember to take good care of them just like the diamonds.

Remember, there is always a way to keep your precious stones looking new! You should know how to clean moissanite, so it stays dazzling for years to come.

For it, you need the right cleaner for moissanite or try the following methods:

  • Home Cleaning: Cleaning moissanite is easy with the help of some soap and water. Fill up your dish detergent, add enough hot soapy solution for cleaning purposes, then dip away! 
  • Commercial Cleaner: Cleaning your moissanite is a delicate process. You want to be sure that you’re using the right product for cleaning and caring for it because if not, then there could be some permanent damage done! 
  • Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner: These days, a popular option among the moissanite user is the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner specially formulated just like a diamond. TheseUltrasonic Jewelry Cleaner are worth preserving the wedding bands/engagement rings, so why risk losing all the hard work to restore such valuable pieces?
  • Using Ammonia: When cleaning your jewelry, it is best to use a solution of 1 part ammonia and two parts water. You might want to see if you are sensitive or allergic to the chemical cleaner before you use it.

Is Moissanite Brittle?

The harder a gemstone’s material, the more scratch-resistant it will be, but Brittle stones can also become damaged from an impact despite their high levels of durability.

The moissanite was rated 9.25 when tested against ten different categories. It includes resistance towards mechanical breakage (i.e., dropping), thermal shock / sudden temperature changes, etc.

This means it’s hard enough not to get scratched or dented during normal activities.

Do Moissanites Last Forever?

Do Moissanites last forever? Yes indeed. You can and will have the most brilliant engagement ring in your jewelry box that will last for many years.

Moissanite stones are very durable, so don’t worry about fading over time.

Why Is Moissanite So Cheap?

If you are considering buying moissanite for your engagement ring, there is one question that you must ask yourself: is it worth the money?

Moissanite is a less expensive alternative to diamonds, but there are some reasons why it is so cheap.

The first reason is that it is new to the jewelry market. The first moissanite was only invented in 1998. This means there was less time for moissanite to develop and become a well-known jewel.

The second reason is that there has been less time for synthetic moissanite to develop.

Synthetic moissanite is not as established as lab-created diamonds, which have been around for a while now.

Therefore, synthetic moissanite is regarded as a lower-quality gemstone than lab diamonds.

The third reason for its low price is that moissanite is not as durable as diamonds. It is a softer gemstone, which means that it is more likely to scratch and chip.

Is Moissanite Worth Buying?

The demand for moissanite is mainly driven by jewelry development, especially diamonds. The price of diamonds is generally higher than moissanite.

Therefore, the customer naturally prefers diamond jewelry.

However, diamonds are rare and expensive, while moissanite can be made artificially.

Moissanite was only a crystalline silicon carbide in the past, but now it can be made artificially through chemical reactions.

After synthesis action, the color is controlled to be white.

Synthetic moissanite looks like a diamond in appearance and properties. Its thermal conductivity is six times higher than diamonds, and its hardness is 9.25 on the Mohs scale, which is close to diamond’s 10.

Therefore, it can be concluded that moissanite is worth buying.

Do Pawn Shops Buy Moissanite?

Most people want to know if pawn shops buy moissanite.

The easy reply to it is yes, but not at face value. Pawnbrokers will assess the worth of moissanite just as they would any other valuable item.

Like other precious stones and metals, moissanite will generally fetch a lower price than what it would be worth if the item were sold on the open market.

That said, pawnshops will also offer better rates on moissanite than they would for items of lesser value.

Final Thoughts On… Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? “21 Facts You Decide”

As you search for the perfect diamond, you may encounter moissanite diamonds. You might be wondering if they are real or not.

Moissanite diamonds are natural, but they’re not the same as diamonds. It’s up to you whether those matters! 

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Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? "21 Facts You Decide"
Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? “21 Facts You Decide”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does moissanite look like a diamond?

The two stones are very similar in color and shine, with the only difference being that diamond is harder than moissanite.

What is Moissanite worth?

The price for moissanites varies depending on the quality. Moissanites are affordable for most people.
A .5 carat Diamond is worth about $1,100.00 a .5 carat Moissanite sells for about $269.00.
A 1.0 carat Diamond is worth about $4,000.00 a 1.0 carat Moissanite sells for about $599.00.

What are the benefits of moissanite?

Moissanites come with several benefits, including: 
They are extremely durable and hard to withstand a lot of wear and tear.
They are a more affordable option than diamonds.
They have a similar appearance to diamonds, so they are a great option for anybody who wants the look and feel of a real diamond without the high price tag.
They are a more sustainable option than diamonds.
They sparkle just as much as diamonds.
 They are often confused with diamond and cubic zirconia, moissanite needs to be cared for and cleaned regularly. 

Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? "21 Facts You Decide"
Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? “21 Facts You Decide”
Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? "21 Facts You Decide"
Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? “21 Facts You Decide”
Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? "21 Facts You Decide"
Is Moissanite A Real Diamond? “21 Facts You Decide”



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