All About Jason P Welsh Electroforming For Beginners

All About Jason P Welsh Electroforming For Beginners

All About Jason P Welsh Electroforming For Beginners is the topic for this article Jason is one of the best electroforming artists in our electroforming community to date.

When learning a new hobby, nothing is more valuable than a good mentor and good learning resources such as YouTube videos or books.

Without these people, we’d never be able to enjoy the beauty of electroforming. Jason P Welsh is such a person, in this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about Jason!

All About Jason P Welsh For Beginners is a very popular mentor in the electroforming world.

He has a YouTube channel and he has written books on the art of electroforming.

He is a teacher by day and an electroforming artist by night and he has helped a multitude of people achieve their dreams when it comes to electroforming!

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of Jason’s incredible career and how he has helped me, and many other beginning artists achieve their dreams! So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it!

Read for yourself what Jason believes about is art.

An Introduction To Jason P Welsh

An Introduction To Jason P Welsh

We’ll start today’s article by giving you a brief introduction to Jason as a person.

It is important to understand who he is before you can understand all of the incredible contributions he has made to the electroforming community. So, let’s dive right into it!

Jason P Welsh is an electroforming artist, as you can expect. He has helped many beginners to get to grips with this beautiful hobby, including me!

He is a school teacher by day and an electroforming teacher by night, and his contributions to the electroforming community are well and truly immeasurable.

He has a YouTube channel where he posts videos on electroforming, and he has written a book in which he explains everything in stunning detail!

He even offers electroforming courses, but more on all his learning material later! I can’t stress enough how useful Jason’s resources have been in mastering the art of electroforming, and he truly is a mentor to many people.

All About Jason P Welsh Electroforming For Beginners
All About Jason P Welsh Electroforming For Beginners

YouTube Channel

Now that we know a little more about Jason Welsh as a person it is time to take a look at some of his incredibly useful electroforming resources.

He has a large amount of valuable information available for people to get started in the hobby, one of these resources being his YouTube channel. So, let’s take a look!

Jason’s YouTube channel is one of his most valuable resources to use when starting to electroform, he has a large variety of different videos related to the subject of electroforming, all of which will help you learn something new on the topic!

His YouTube channel is free to access for anyone and it can be found here: It is definitely worth checking out for any electroforming artist!

His Book… Electroforming For Beginners

While his YouTube channel is an incredibly valuable resource when it comes to learning the art of electroforming, it is not the only thing Jason has to offer!

He actually wrote a complete book on the beautiful hobby that is electroforming, and it contains everything you could ever want when electroforming! Let’s take a look!

He gives loads of information on electroforming in his book, and as evidenced by the reviews of the book on Amazon he did a great job!

Many people love it, and many people claim that it has assisted them in their electroforming journey.

The book is very well perceived among the electroforming community and rightfully so, it shows clear pictures and it truly guides the reader through the electroforming process!

The book and its many positive reviews can be found here:

All About Jason P Welsh Electroforming For BeginnersAll About Jason P Welsh Electroforming For Beginners

Electroforming for Beginners

If you have seen this style of jewelry called “Electroformed Jewelry”, and have been interested in how it is produced then this book is for you. This book walks you through two different builds in case you want to try out the hobby before committing to the cost. The technique can be used in many hobbies, not just jewelry, coating 3D printed objects, preserving organics and glass-work just to name a few.

Electroforming Course…

His incredible electroforming resources don’t stop there though, he also offers complete electroforming courses for both beginners and more advanced electroforming artists!

Beginner… Beginner Electroforming Setup

Let’s start by taking a closer look at his electroforming course for beginners. This course is truly all you need to get started in the world of electroforming, as absolutely everything is covered!

The course consists of 25 extensive video lessons in which every aspect of electroforming is explained to get you started in no time!

The course costs $50 but trust me when I say that’s $50.00 well spent if you’re looking to get into electroforming!

Advanced… Workflows and Advanced Electroforming (working with organics)

For the more advanced electroforming artists among us, Jason also offers an incredible course to elevate your electroforming skills to the next level!

This course contains another 26 extensive lessons for $50. And once again it is well worth it! The advanced course focuses primarily on organic materials and other difficult surfaces to electroform on.

This is the perfect course if you’re looking to take your electroforming skills to the next level!

Both of his courses are for sure worth looking into, they can be found here:

Conductive Paint For Organics

Jason doesn’t just offer incredible learning resources for beginners and advanced electroforming artists as we’ve seen in the previous paragraphs, he actually offers products and recipes to use in your electroforming projects as well!

A tricky part of electroforming is working with conductive paint, this becomes especially apparent when it comes to organic materials!

As any electroforming artist will know, finding and applying the right conductive paint can be an absolute nightmare.

Luckily for us, Jason P Welsh has got us covered in this department as well!

He has actually created a recipe for you to follow along with, when finished this recipe will leave you with high-quality conductive paint to use with organics!

The recipe can be bought from here:

And it is showcased in this video on Jason’s channel:

Final Thoughts on… All About Jason P Welsh Electroforming For Beginners

All in all, Jason P Welsh is rightfully one of the best electroforming teachers in the electroforming community.

He has helped so many people on their electroforming journey, and he truly has a talent for explaining and teaching things.

All of his learning resources are definitely worth checking out, and his recipes can really help to step up your electroforming game!

We hope that this article helped to inform you about the incredible Jason P Welsh! Thank you for reading!

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All About Jason P Welsh Electroforming For Beginners
All About Jason P Welsh Electroforming For Beginners

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