Is Electroforming Durable? (All Your Questions Answered)

Is Electroforming Durable? (All Your Questions Answered)

Dissecting Electroforming Jewelry And Its Durability.

We answer the question Is Electroforming Durable?

Electroformed jewelry is extremely durable because of its “non-deteriorating” and “non-corroding”, as well as being highly resistant to breaking.

With proper care, electroformed jewelry can last you generations!

First Things First, What Is Electroformed Jewelry?

Electroforming involves taking natural materials and turning them into metal.

This process involves building up layers of metal onto your chosen surface.

The best part about electroforming is that the metal can be grown as thick or thin as you like.

Electroformed jewelry allows you to make any of your favorite things, such as diamonds, gems, rocks, etc. into a beautiful jewelry piece by depositing copper metal onto any material. 

Our favorite thing about electroformed jewelry is how customizable it is – if there is a special to you that you were handed down – we can make it even more special by turning it into a wearable jewelry piece!

Why Do We Prefer Using Copper?

Copper is an extremely durable metal, meaning your electroformed jewelry is going to be durable. Copper is known for staying intact throughout its lifetime.

It also ranks very high on the “non-deteriorating” or “non-corroding” scale, which means it’s going to be brand new looking forever (with proper care).

Copper is an easy metal to work with and form, while also being very durable. When we create our unique pieces, we like to know that our products will last you a lifetime, which is why Copper is our number 1 choice.

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Is Electroforming Durable?
Is Electroforming Durable?

So, Copper Must Not Break Easily, Right?

That’s right! Although Copper is known for being one of the weaker metals, it actually doesn’t break easily.

It’s an easy metal to manipulate and form into your desired shape, but it has a high level of toughness that makes it pretty hard to break.

Copper is a very ductile metal, meaning it is extremely easy to be drawn out into a wire-like form that’s why you see it a lot in the electrical and jewelry industries.

Does This Mean My Jewelry Will Last Longer If It’s Copper?

Right again! This is one of the most common concerns when consumers buy jewelry.

People don’t want to buy jewelry that they wear a couple of times, and then have to get rid of it because it turns their skin green.

Although this can still happen, I make sure to treat my pieces to prevent this from happening but.

The protective finish can still come off, but you just have to treat it like all other valuable jewelry.

Not only does Copper have a beautiful reddish-brown color, but it is also highly durable.

The best part about Copper? It’s extremely affordable!

The reason why jewelry creators choose copper is that it’s extremely durable.

Although pure copper isn’t very strong, when mixed with metals such as zinc, the result is extremely long-lasting.

With proper care, copper jewelry can last you several generations.

So, We Know Copper Is Good For Jewelry. But What About Outdoor Art?

We’re glad you asked! Copper is highly resistant to corrosion, which is what happens when a metal is exposed to oxygen or water for long periods of time.

Not only is Copper resistant to corrosion, its flexible and strong, making it a great metal to use (and mix with other metals) for outdoor items such as décor, furniture, and more.

Copper has a naturally protective (patina) film formed over time, which is what makes it a great choice to use in outdoor art, décor, furniture and so much more.

Copper is essentially immune to corrosion, which is why it is mixed with other metals such as zinc often. When mixed, it creates brass which is a popular color and material for outdoor items.

Pros And Cons – Everything Has Them.

Everything in the world has pros and cons, and Copper is no exception. There are some great things about Copper and some not-so-great things about metal. Keep reading to find out the pros and cons.


  • Immune to corrosion
  • Ductile
  • Malleable
  • High resistance to heat
  • Affordable
  • Aesthetic value


  • Weaker of the metals
  • Can develop a green patina over time (Some people love this effect.)
  • Small amounts of electricity
  • Electromagnetic interference

We’ve Told You All The Good, But What About The Bad?

We know we’ve talked a lot about the strong suites of Copper metal, but like everything in the world, there are some weaknesses.

The first thing is that if it’s not taken care of properly, it can develop a green patina film over time but, with proper care, this can be avoided if you prefer not to have the patina form on your art piece.

The next negative about Copper is that it’s a weaker metal. It isn’t well known for being the strongest metal, which is why you normally see it in wiring, jewelry, etc.

When compared to other metals used in jewelry, copper is more prone to bending and scratching due to it being a weaker metal. Again, if taken care of properly and reasonable care, these issues can be avoided.

Copper Vs. Steel. Which One Is Stronger?

The debate that every metal worker has! Steel is definitely stronger than Copper.

Copper is a natural metal and is an element that only occurs in its natural form. Steel, on the other hand, is a metal alloy (a mixture of metals).

Steel is composed of two or more elements, normally iron, and different amounts of carbon.

In the simplest way we can summarize steel vs. copper, Steel is the stronger metal of the two, while Copper is the heavier of the two metals.

Each type of metal thrives in a different type of situation. For example, Steel is great for structural building, while Copper is great for underground and outdoor environments.

Final Thoughts For Is Electroforming Durable? (All Your Questions Answered)

For what we do here at, Copper is our best friend! We love the durability, flexibility, and longevity we get from Copper metal.

The type of work, we do, it’s what allows us to make our products so that they look beautiful for you, and generations to follow.

The Electroforming process is a newer process to me, and one that I plan on diving deeper into to further my knowledge, and I’m so happy to have you along for the ride with me!

Now you know the answer to the question “Is Electroforming Durable? (All Your Questions Answered)”

Electroforming: The Ultimate Guide Check It Out!

Electroforming: The Ultimate Guide Check It Out!

My electroformed jewelry and art designs consist of more than just metals, and I would love for you to check out the pieces I currently have in my shop at!

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Is Electroforming Durable?
Is Electroforming Durable?

**All writings are my own words but based on researched articles.



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