Should You Seal Gemstones Before Electroforming

Mohs Hardness Scale | Seal Gemstones Before Electroforming

Mohs Hardness Scale

Mohs Hardness Scale Is very important to use when you want to electroform gemstones.

Considering this is a blog about electroforming, our primary focus is making beautiful jewelry by utilizing gemstones.

In preparation for electroforming gemstones, we need to take care to see if we need to seal our gemstones before we electroform them. 

That is why we use the Mohs scale to see if our gemstone needs sealing or not.

In the Mohs scale, a gemstone’s hardness measures how well it can resist being electroformed in the electroforming bath and the wear and tear on the gemstone.

In a gemstone, for instance, hardness is  an indicator of how well it will keep its polish when scratched. Although vital for any material, the precious nature of gemstones makes it that much more important!

A gemstone’s hardness is a key consideration in using it to make electroformed jewelry, primarily for everyday wear and to protect the finished piece from damage.

What Gemstones Should Be Sealed Before Electroforming?

Mohs Hardness Scale For Gemstones Seal Before Electroforming     
Gemstone Name Mohs Hardness Gemstone FamilySeal Before Electroforming
Achroite 7.0 – 7.5 TourmalineDon’t Have To Seal
Agate 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Alexandrite 8.5 ChrysoberylDon’t Have To Seal
Almandine 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Almandine Spinel 8.0 SpinelDon’t Have To Seal
Almandine-Spessartine 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Amazonite 6.0-6.5 FeldsparSeal
Amethyst 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Andradite 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Aquamarine 7.5-8.0 BerylDon’t Have To Seal
Balas Ruby 9.0 SpinelDon’t Have To Seal
Black Opal 5.5-6.5 OpalSeal
Bloodstone 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Brazilian Emerald 7.0-7.5 TourmalineDon’t Have To Seal
Cairngorm 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Carnelian 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Cat’s Eye 8.5 ChrysoberylDon’t Have To Seal
Chalcedony 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Chlor Spinel 8.0 SpinelDon’t Have To Seal
Chrome Pyrope 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Chrysoberyl 8.5 ChrysoberylDon’t Have To Seal
Chrysoprase 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Citrine 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Color-Change Garnet 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Demantoid 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Diamond 10.0 DiamondDon’t Have To Seal
Dravite 7.0-7.5 TourmalineDon’t Have To Seal
Emerald 7.5-8.0 BerylDon’t Have To Seal
Feldspar 6.0-6.5 FeldsparSeal
Fire Opal 5.5-6.5 OpalDon’t Have To Seal
Garnet 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Ghanospinel 8.0 SpinelDon’t Have To Seal
Goshenite 7.5-8.0 BerylDon’t Have To Seal
Green Quartz 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Grossular 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Heliodor 7.5-8.0 BerylDon’t Have To Seal
Heliotrope 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Hessonite 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Hyacinth 7.5 ZirconDon’t Have To Seal
Indicolite 7.0 – 7.5  TourmalineDon’t Have To Seal
Jade 6.0 JadeSeal
Jadeite 6.5-7.0 JadeSeal
Jargon 7.5 ZirconDon’t Have To Seal
Jasper 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Labradorite 6.0-6.5 FeldsparSeal
Lapis Lazuli 5.0-5.5 Lapis LazuliSeal
Malaia 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Matura Diamond 7.5 ZirconDon’t Have To Seal
Moonstone 6.0-6.5 FeldsparSeal
Morganite 7.5-8.0 BerylDon’t Have To Seal
Morion 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Nephrite 6.0 JadeSeal
Onyx 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Opal 5.5-6.5 OpalSeal
Orthoclase 6.0-6.5 FeldsparSeal
Peridot 7.0 PeridotDon’t Have To Seal
Peristerite 6.0-6.5 FeldsparSeal
Prasiolite 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Pyrope 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Pyrope-Almandine 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Pyrope-Spessartine 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Quartz 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Red Beryl 7.5-8.0 BerylDon’t Have To Seal
Rhodolite 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Rock Crystal 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Rose Quartz 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Rubellite 7.0-7.5 TourmalineDon’t Have To Seal
Rubicelle 8.0 SpinelDon’t Have To Seal
Ruby 9.0 CorundumDon’t Have To Seal
Sapphire 9.0 CorundumDon’t Have To Seal
Sapphire Spinel 8.0 SpinelDon’t Have To Seal
Siberite 7.0-7.5 TourmalineDon’t Have To Seal
Smoky Quartz 7.0 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Spessartine 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Spinel 8.0 SpinelDon’t Have To Seal
Sunstone 6.0-6.5 FeldsparSeal
Topaz 8.0 TopazDon’t Have To Seal
Topazolite 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Tourmaline 7.0-7.5 TourmalineDon’t Have To Seal
Tsavorite 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Turquoise 5.0-6.0 TurquoiseSeal
Uvarovite 6.5-7.5 GarnetSeal
Verdelite 7.0-7.5 TourmalineDon’t Have To Seal
Water Opal 5.5-6.5 OpalSeal
White Opal 5.5-6.5 OpalSeal
Zircon 7.5 ZirconDon’t Have To Seal
The Mohs Scale Of Mineral Hardness From 1 to 10     
Diamond 10 DiamondDon’t Have To Seal
Corundum 9 CorundumDon’t Have To Seal
Topaz 8 TopazDon’t Have To Seal
Quartz 7 QuartzDon’t Have To Seal
Feldspar 6 FeldsparSeal
Apatite 5 ApatiteSeal
Fluorite 4 FluoriteSeal
Calcite 3 CalciteSeal
Gypsum 2 GypsumSeal
Talc 1 TalcSeal

What is Mohs’ HARDNESS Scale?

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Mohs Hardness Scale |  Seal Gemstones Before Electroforming
Mohs Hardness Scale | Seal Gemstones Before Electroforming


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