Pyrite Crystal Benefits (Explained)

Pyrite Crystal Benefits (Explained)

Pyrite Crystal Benefits will be the topic we are going to cover today.

The origin of pyrite is of iron sulfide mineral which is solidified in the shape of masses, cube, stalactites, and botryoidal.

The crystal is used as a secondary mineral like Quartz, Turquoise, and Lapis lazuli.

How Do You Identify Pyrite?

Normally it is very easy to identify pyrite crystals. It has a brass-yellow appearance with a metallic luster and high gravity.

Pyrite is known as one of the hardest yellow metallic minerals. It has a black streak with a tint of green color.

Pyrite Crystal Benefits:

The other name of pyrite is fool’s Gold and it is made up of sulfide chemicals.

The shape of pyrite is cubic crystal.

The Mohs scale of hardness is from 6 to 6.5. It is insoluble in water.

What Is The Meaning Of The Name Pyrite Crystal?

The word pyrite originates from the Greek language “Pyr” which means fire.

It also symbolizes warmth and a long-lasting presence like that of the sun which can generate its own power.

The pyrite crystal has a masculine nature and potential to aid the reviving of fresh ideas.

Pyrite Crystal Meaning • Money Mindset

What Are The Uses For Pyrite Crystals?

Usage of this crystal is very popular in jewelry since the Victorian Age.

Pyrite Crystal is widely used to overcome fear, enhance confidence, and empower the spirit.

Moreover, it is used as motivation in achieving accomplishments and makes the person more dynamic and confident.

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Pyrite Crystal Benefits (Explained)
Pyrite Crystal Benefits (Explained)

What Is The Difference Between Crystal And Gemstones?

Gemstones are produced from organic minerals or organic matter.

On the other side, crystals exist in isometric forms that have atoms, molecules, and ions in a defined shape.

The gemstone is a pure mineral and crystal is a pure substance that is why gemstones are more costly than crystals.

What Attracts Pyrites Crystals?

Pyrites are one of the best stones which attract enormous amounts of wealth. Also, they are very attractive-looking stones that will be a great fit for your home or office.

How Do You Charge Pyrite Crystals?

One of the best ways to charge the pyrite crystal is to keep all the pyrite stones in one place near a wooden box and let them sit overnight. The produced energy will charge them all.

Another way to charge pyrite is with the help of sound. Use the 136.1 Hz tuning fork and activate it.

The sound frequency produced from crystal is hardly audible to the human ear but it is very powerful to the crystal. When this frequency passes through the crystal, it will charge your pyrite crystal.

DayaCrystals | Small Raw Pyrite Cube Cluster | Raw
DayaCrystals | Small Raw Pyrite Cube Cluster
Pyrite Crystals
DayaCrystals | Small Raw Pyrite Cube Cluster

How Do You Clean Pyrite Crystals?


One of the best practices of cleaning pyrite is through smoke by smudging it.

As we know that the meaning of the word pyrite is fire, so it has physical effects on earth because each particle reacts with the other.

This means it is well connected to the energies of fire. Thus, it is very effective to use the smoke process for cleaning as it your pyrite crystal.

The connection of pyrite is with the 3rd chakras which means it deals in more dense and physical energies. 

Because pyrite is so closely associated with the element of fire, it responds well to smoke produced by fire as a cleansing agent.

What Will Cause Damage To Your Pyrite Stone?

Remember that the combination of water and pyrite crystal is very dangerous especially when it is exposed to oxygen, this will cause damage to the crystal’s looks and color.

What Are The Things You Need To Avoided With Your Pyrite Crystals?

You should not place your Pyrite crystals in hot direct sunlight because they have iron minerals in them that tend to get very hot enough to burn the skin.

When the mineral gets heated it becomes hot enough to burn the skin. And heated crystals can easily crack.

What Power Does Pyrite Crystal Have?

The power of pyrite crystal is to protect and fight against all the negative and uncooperative vibes and energies that are working over the physical, emotional and etheric levels.

It helps to increase one’s memory and ability to recall similar information about a situation.

What Are The Benefits Of Pyritecrystals?

  • Pyrite crystals help to identify one’s stronger desires via the solar energy-boosting efficiency of the stone.
  • This crystal will help you to overcome negative personality aspects and strengthen your self-love.
  • Pyrite crystals can be used to sharpen your intuition.
  • Pyrite crystal’s chakra centers affect energy distribution and the chakra of relationships.
  • It makes you attentive and more at peace.
  • Pyrite boosts your confidence.

Are Pyrite Crystals Expensive?

Pyrites exist in different forms that will determine the price:

Pyrite specimen  Average price $0.30 to 0.65 cents per caret.

Pyrite gemstone  Average price $5.00 to 8.00 dollars per caret.

Pyrite cabochon  Average price $1.00 per caret.

Rough Pyrite Average price $0.03 to $0.05 per caret.

Pyrite Fool’s Gold Nugget Average price $10.00 per half a pound.

The prices also depend on the percentage of gold present in the pyrite rocks. If it has 0.25% gold then the price is $15000 per troy ounce.

Hence, one ton of this stone containing 73 troy ounces would make it worth about $109,000.

What Does Your Pyrite Crystal Symbolize?

Pyrite crystal symbolizes happiness, power, success, enthusiasm, and brightness. Its color embodies the richness of the sun.

Can Your Wear Pyrite Crystals Every Day?

Yes, you can wear it every day, its daily usage will bring health and wealth to you.

Are Your Pyrite Crystals Lucky?

This crystal is known as fool’s gold. It will bring you money and success in your life. It is one of the luckiest crystals.

Where Should You Keep Your Pyrite Crystal?

The best place to keep your pyrite stone is in the leftmost area of your house.

If you want to use pyrite crystal for protective purposes keep your pyrite stone near the entrance of your house or office. This will boost your life energy.

Do Pyrite Crystals Scratch Easily?

No, it cannot be scratched easily and this is how you will know that the pyrite is real or not.

How Do You Wear Pyrite Crystals?

Pyrite crystal works more effectively if it is worn as a necklace or a ring.

Can You Sleep With Your Pyrite Crystal?

Yes, placing the stone under your pillow will aid in sleeping.

Final Thoughts on … Pyrite Crystal Benefits

Pyrite crystal is the best and the most beautiful crystal among all crystals which can increase your wealth and has the potential to bring the best out of a person.

Wearing this crystal will give you a sense of protection, luck, and confidence. It has a Mohs hardness of 6.5. 

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