Why Are Gemstones Important?

Why Are Gemstones Important?

I am going to cover “Why Are Gemstones Important?” in this article enjoy. Gemstones are some of the most fascinating materials mother nature has to offer. Gemstones can be used for many things, there are gemstones to make jewelry, for example, this is perfect for electroforming. Gemstones used in jewelry serve an important purpose. In this article we’ll cover gemstones explained, we’ll tell you everything about the importance of gemstones for jewelry making!

Why are gemstones important?

Gemstones are important as they are known to have energetic properties that can be used to fend off evil spirits and help better your life.

Gemstones used in jewelry look to harness these properties to create a guardian angel in the form of a jewelry piece!

That’s why gemstones are perfect to use in electroformed jewelry.

In this article, we’ll look at the complex world of gemstones explained! We’ll cover gemstones used in jewelry and we’ll look at their individual energetic powers and how they can be used in the electroforming process! So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Are Gemstones A Good Investment?

Gemstones of course hold a lot of value. That’s why gemstones for jewelry making are perfect for the electroforming process, but it leaves us wondering, are gemstones a good investment? Do they rise in value, or are you better off just using them for your electroforming projects? Let’s find out!

Gemstones are actually a surprisingly good investment. They have steadily risen in value over the years, and fine gemstones used in jewelry such as diamonds are a very smart asset to invest in. Investing in gemstones is a low-risk investment as they are physical assets with a steady price range. Therefore, investing in gemstones used in jewelry is a very smart way to secure a happy future!

Introduction to Gemstones

What Gemstones Are Good For Everyday Wear?

Of course, not everyone is looking to invest their gemstones, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your investment every once in a while. Gemstones used in jewelry are perfect for everyday wear, but what gemstones can best withstand the harsh condition of being worn every day?

This depends on the hardness of the gemstone, and there are quite a few gemstones used in jewelry that you can wear without any issues. These gemstones include diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and topaz. These all have the appropriate hardness to withstand the challenging conditions of everyday wear and you should have no issue when wearing them daily!

Do Gemstones Lose Value?

This brings us back to the value of our precious gemstones to make jewelry with. Wearing them every day may seem like an exciting prospect but we should keep the value of our gemstones in the back of our minds at all times. Therefore, it is smart to ask the question, do gemstones lose value? Let’s take a look!

The value proposition of gemstones used in jewelry varies significantly depending on the type of gemstone you own. Commercial grade gemstones often lose their value and you should take proper care of your gemstones if you want to prevent them from losing value. Make sure to clean them every once in a while, and preferably don’t wear them too often to prevent them from losing precious value!

Why Crystals Are Important? Best Crystals
Why Crystals Are Important? Best Crystals

Why Should We Use Gemstones?

This leads us to the next topic of today’s article, why should we even use gemstones to make jewelry? Before we start electroforming these valuable gemstones, we’ll need a solid motive to get started. Let’s find out why we should use gemstones to make jewelry with!

Of course, gemstones are perfect to make jewelry with because of their stunning looks. Gemstones such as diamonds or rubies look amazing and a large part of their value lies in their precious shine. Furthermore, gemstones are said to have some amazing energetic properties that can really help you live a better life. These properties differ from stone to stone, but more on that later! So, there are more than enough reasons as to why we should use Gemstones to make jewelry!

What Does The Science Say Or Prove About Gemstones?

We’ve been telling you many facts about gemstones used in jewelry throughout this article. But what does science have to say about gemstones to make jewelry with? Let’s take a look at some of the scientific facts related to these beautiful stones from mother nature!

When it comes to science, not much is known or proven about the presumed energetic properties of gemstones. It’s unclear whether or not there is scientific truth to the knowledge, but the hype surrounding gemstones is known to trigger the placebo effect. This means that while it doesn’t actually work, people want to believe it works so it will work for them. It’s a strange phenomenon but perfect for gemstones used in jewelry!

Some Surprising Benefits Of Wearing Gemstones

We now know a lot more about gemstones used in jewelry, we know about their energetic properties and their overwhelming visual elements. But did you know that wearing gemstones used in jewelry can have some more surprising benefits? Let’s take a look!

Gemstones are perfect to clean your mind, when wearing gemstones used in jewelry you’ll have a clear mind full of inspiration. Another surprising benefit is that you are constantly carrying your purpose, therefore often being reminded by it which will make you more likely to succeed! The weight of wearing a gemstone can also make you feel more calm and relaxed.

My Pick For The Most Important Gemstones:

Agate Gemstone

TNTMineCo | Laguna Lace Agate, slab
For more information about Laguna Lace Agate
More Information on Agates Gemstones
Photo TNTMineCo | Laguna Lace Agate, slab

First off, we’ll take a look at the Agate Gemstone. Agate comes in pretty much all colors you can imagine, and it is one of the most beautiful things mother nature has to offer. Agate Gemstone is perfect to enhance your mental health and increase your concentration. Using this gemstone to make jewelry is said to rebalance your aura, making you feel better and allowing you to think more clearly.

Onyx Gemstone

GemoryDesign | Onyx Pendant
For more information about Onyx Pendant
For more information about Onyx Gemstones
Photo GemoryDesign | Onyx Pendant

Next up, we’ll look at the precious Onyx gemstone. This gemstone is characterized by its mysterious deep black color, which instantly draws attention. This mysterious gemstone used in jewelry also serves a mysterious purpose as Onyx is said to protect you from any evil. It is gorgeous to use in your electroformed jewelry, or it can simply be carried around as a lucky charm. Onyx gemstone’s mysterious, yet useful, powers make it one of the most important gemstones you’ll find in mother nature. The deep black color will work perfectly to create some very stylish electroformed jewelry.

Amethyst Gemstone

ErikordGEMS | Amethyst Crystal Cluster
For more information about Amethyst Crystal Cluster
For more information about Amethyst Gemstones
Photo ErikordGEMS | Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Another important gemstone to know about is Amethyst Gemstones. Amethyst is a variety of the famous Quartz crystal and its deep purple color instantly resembles value, wealth, and pure beauty. This is the perfect gemstone used in jewelry and it also has some interesting energetic properties attached to it. Amethyst is said to expand your mind and enhance your creativity. This is also why it is known as the Bishop’s stone, as Bishops wear Amethyst rings to enhance their spiritual mind. Using Amethyst to make electroformed jewelry brings the perfect balance of beauty and practical use!

Moonstone Gemstone

MineralValley | Moonstone Cabochon
For more information about MineralValley | Moonstone Cabochon
For more information about Moonstone Gemstones
Photo MineralValley | Moonstone Cabochon

 Next up we’ll be looking at a gemstone that’s often used in feminine jewelry. This translucent blue-colored gemstone is enough to mesmerize anyone by simply laying their eyes on it. The Moonstone Gemstones is therefore often used in high-class eye-catching jewelry. This gemstone is said to soften your spirit and bring up your feminine energy, hence its use in feminine jewelry pieces. Moonstone combines great looks and great purpose together in a gorgeous package, quite similar to Amethyst! That’s why it has earned its spot on my list of the most important gemstones!

Alexandrite Gemstone

Kohinoorgems786 | Alexandrite Rough Gemstone

For more information about Kohinoorgems786 Alexandrite Gemstone
For more information about Alexandrite Gemstones
Photo Kohinoorgems786 | Alexandrite Rough Gemstone

Alexandrite Gemstone is well and truly one of the world’s most incredible gemstones. It is one of, if not the, rarest gemstones in the world. It has incredible color-changing properties, its color changes when the lighting changes. In the dark Alexandrite holds a deep red color, like a ruby, and in the light, it turns deep green, like an emerald. Alexandrite is said to change its color depending on the wearer’s current health situation, it is believed to improve blood flow and enhance your self-esteem. It looks amazing and is therefore perfect to use in your electroforming jewelry projects!

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

BarlowsGems | Tigereye Polished Slab
For more information about BarlowsGems | Tigereye Polished Slab
For more information about Tiger Eye Gemstone
Photo BarlowsGems | Tigereye Polished Slab

Next up on this list on the most important crystals to know about we have Tiger’s eye Gemstone. This stone has an incredibly cool appearance, as it truly is an incredible display of different colors ranging from deep brown to vibrant yellow on top. Tiger’s eye gemstone to make jewelry is often used in bracelets or necklaces as beads. Tiger’s eye is said to protect the wearer and bring good fortune. It also helps with your problem-solving abilities, as Tiger’s eye helps you to clear your mind and focus your attention on the things that really matter!

Jade Gemstone

LaNaturess  | Green Jade Gemstones
For more information about LaNaturess | Green Jade Gemstones
For more information about Jade Gemstones
Photo LaNaturess | Green Jade Gemstones

Another incredibly important gemstone you should definitely know about is the beautiful Jade Gemstone. This stone comes in varying colors ranging from a vibrant baby blue to a deep light green. This gemstone is often used in jewelry such as rings as it brings an instantly eye-catching look to any object, it’s therefore perfect for our electroforming projects! Jade is another protective gemstone as it is said to bring good fortune and harmony to those who wear it. It also makes you a more loving person as it is said to aid you in gathering wisdom.

Opal Gemstone

gemsforetsy | Opal Rough Gemstone

For more information about gemsforetsy | Opal Rough Gemstone
For more information about Opal Gemstone
Photo gemsforetsy | Opal Rough Gemstone

Next up on the list, we have another great combination between beauty and purpose, this time in the form of the Opal Gemstone! This incredible-looking gemstone is perfect for use in our electroformed jewelry as it contains a multitude of different colors, all blended together to form amazing results never seen anywhere else. Opal also holds some incredible energetic properties as it is said to help people with an addiction to overcome it. It is a symbol of hope, purity, and truth all of which make it worthy of one of the most important gemstones!

Turquoise Gemstone

Roughstoneking | Natural Turquoise

For more information about Roughstoneking | Natural Turquoise
For more information about Turquoise Gemstones
Photo Roughstoneking | Natural Turquoise

For the next entry on this list, we’ll take a look at the Turquoise Gemstone. Unsurprisingly this gemstone holds a deep turquoise, or deep blue, color. It is perfect for a large variety of decorative purposes among which are many jewelry pieces. Its vibrant blue color perfectly goes with many different outfits making this a popular gemstone used in jewelry. Its energetic properties are also rather special as it is said to help you get through phases of depression, and it supposedly helps to prevent panic attacks!

Green Aventurine Gemstone

TreasureQuestMining | Green Aventurine Crystal Point
For more information about TreasureQuestMining | Green Aventurine Crystal Point
For more information about Green Aventurine Crystals
PhotoTreasureQuestMining | Green Aventurine Crystal Point

Next up we’ll be looking at another very special member of the Quartz family, namely Green Aventurine Gemstone. As you may expect this gemstone has a deep green color and is therefore perfect for use in jewelry. Its energetic properties are something else though, as Green Aventurine is said to protect the wearer against radiation and outside pollution! A common use for this gemstone is to tape it to your phone to neutralize its radiation! That’s more than enough reason to be considered one of the most important gemstones!

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Blue natural lapis lazuli, lazurite
For more information about CustomizationShop | Blue natural lapis lazuli, lazurite
For more information about Blue lapis lazuli lazurites
Photo Blue natural lapis lazuli, lazurite

Last but not least, we’ll finish off the list with the special Lapis Lazuli Gemstone. Some of you may know it from the famous Minecraft game, and it is just as special and precious in real life! This crystal holds an incredibly deep blue color and is one of the more spiritual stones out there. It is said to enhance your wisdom and open your state of mind!

Final Thoughts On… Why Are Gemstones Important?

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There you have it, everything you need to know about the importance of gemstones! Gemstones to make jewelry with are a precious gift given to us by mother nature and they can do some incredible things. This combination of beauty and purpose makes them perfect for use in electroforming projects! We hope you enjoyed reading about the large varieties of different gemstones!

Why Crystals Are Important? Best Crystals
Why Crystals Are Important? Best Crystals

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