What Is Turquoise Gemstone Good For?

What Is Turquoise Gemstone Good For?

Let’s get started answering the question “What Is Turquoise Gemstone Good For?” Turquoise is a precious mineral found in beautiful shades of blue, bluish-green, green, and yellowish-green. Turquoise is merely found in places wherever acidic copper-rich groundwater seeps downward and reacts with minerals that contain phosphorus and aluminum.

It mostly occurs in Iran, Egypt, and some parts of the United States. Adding Turquoise to Turquoise gemstone as electroformed copper jewelry not only makes it beautiful but also protects it from scratches.

The answer to the question is What Is Turquoise Gemstone Good For?

Turquoise is known as the stone of cleansing. It is known to attract luck, protection, and power.  

It is a birthstone of people Saggitarius as their zodiac sign, but anyone can wear it as it has no side effects.

Turquoise is a hard stone and has a Mohs hardness of 6.

Meaning Of Turquoise

The word Turquoise derives from the French word “turquoise,” which means “Turkish,” because this mineral was brought to Europe from Turkey from the mines of Iran.

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Who Should Wear Turquoise  Stone?

According to Vedic Astrology, Turquoise is a gemstone for the people who have Saggitarius as their zodiac sign.

Turquoise is a calming stone that can induce internal serenity and is particularly good for releasing bad habits and negative energy.

Turquoise is one of those gemstones which has no side effects, and anyone can wear it safely.

In Which Hand Should Turquoise Be Worn?

Turquoise is a stone for planet Jupiter. If you want to be benefitted in your professional life, wear it on the index finger of your right hand, which is ruled by Jupiter.

If you want to have the benefits of this stone in your personal life, wear it on the ring finger of your right hand, which is ruled by the Sun.

The best time to wear the Turquoise is Friday morning between 6:00 a.m. to  8:00 a.m. you can wear this gemstone with metals like silver, gold, and copper.

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Wearing Turquoise gemstone as electroformed copper jewelry will protect your Turquoise stone from scratches and damage from daily wear and tear.

What Is Turquoise Gemstone Good For?What Is Turquoise Gemstone Good For?

Turquoise Tumbled Gemstone Crystal Healing Quartz-main developing heart chakra, strengthening the heart and lung function of healthy, relaxation of tension, relieve irritable mood so that a broad mind. Therefore, the power for relationships, love, and enhance their value-added role of absolute charm.

Can You Wear Turquoise Every Day?

You can wear Turquoiseevery day regardless of your zodiac sign as this stone has no side effects.  

But you need to take a little care of your turquoise jewelry if you are planning to wear it every day.

As the Moh hardness of Turquoise is  6, and stones with Mohs hardness less than 7 are prone to scratches, make sure that you are not wearing your turquoise ring or bracelet while doing activities like gardening, dishes, showering, etc.

What Is Turquoise Gemstone Good For?
What Is Turquoise Gemstone Good For?

What Does The Stone Turquoise Symbolize?

Turquoise is known as the stone of cleansing. It serves as a protectant against anything that isn’t beneficial for you, your body, and your mind.

It is one of the oldest known stones known to humans. Many kings, religious leaders, and soldiers used it as protective talismans.

Even in the modern-day, it is used to bring luck, protection, and power in personal and professional life.

Is Turquoise A Lucky Stone?

Turquoise has been considered a lucky stone for centuries. It has been considered a sacred stone among many ancient civilizations like the Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Chinese, Tibetans, the Aztecs, and Incas of South America. It is known to attract luck, protection, and power.

Is Turquoisementioned In Bible?

In Tanakh, in the Hebrew Bible, a different gemstone is mentioned for each of the twelve tribes of Israel. The Turquoise is mentioned in the 2nd row along with sapphire and amethyst. 

Uses Of Turquoise Stone

Some of the benefits of the Turquoise stone are:

  • Turquoise is a purification stone that eliminates negative energy, enhances your muscular strength, and protects you from evil spirits.
  • Turquoise instills the inner calm and empathy in its wearer and improves their sensitivity and thinking power.
  • If you are suffering from depression and anxiety, this stone is perfect for you. It also prevents panic attacks and exhaustion.
  • Turquoise eliminates bad luck and brings health, wealth, wisdom, fame, and strength to its wearer.
  • Turquoise helps in the absorption of nutrients, boosts immunity, and heals the whole body. 

If you plan to wear this stone as electroformed jewelry, make sure that your electroforming artist has sealed your stone before starting the process otherwise it could damage your stone.

As this stone has a Mohs hardness of 6, it  should be sealed so that it doesn’t get dissolved during the electroforming process

How Can You Tell A Real Turquoise?

Here are some easy tips by which you can tell whether your stone is real or fake:

  • Check for the price: Turquoise is a precious stone and is expensive. So if you see someone selling a turquoise stone for $15, don’t go to them because they are definitely selling fake stones.
  • Check for the Appearance: Although the fraudulent try to imitate the turquoise stone as much as possible. But still, there are some signs you can detect whether your stone is fake or real. Look for the traces of dyes in the cracks of the stone. If you see dye piles up, your Turquoise is fake.
  • Scratch Test: No doubt Turquoise is a soft stone due to its low Mohs hardness, but it can’t be scratched very easily. However, Howlite, Turquoise’s dupe, is even softer. So if you can easily scratch your stone, it means your Turquoise is not real.

How To Clean Turquoise?

The best and easiest way to clean your Turquoise stone is to use a soft-bristled brush dampened in water and gently clean your stone with it.

Don’t add any chemical cleaning products to your eater because chemicals can tarnish your stone; after cleaning, dry it with a soft towel.

What Is Turquoise Gemstone Good For?
What Is Turquoise Gemstone Good For?

Final Thoughts… On What Is Turquoise Gemstone Good For?

Turquoise is a semi-precious stone that attracts attract luck, protection, and power. It protects its wearer from bad luck and negative energies.

Turquoise stones are commonly used in making electroformed jewelry like rings and bracelets. 

If you are looking for a professional and credible place to get electroformed jewelry Turquoise gemstone components please check these options. You can make a beautiful Turquoise gemstone electroformed copper bracelet or necklace.

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