What Crystals Are Best For Plants

What Crystals Are Best For Plants?

What Crystals Are Best For Plants? will be covered in great detail in this article… Enjoy

There are 4 main types of crystals which are further divided into many categories.

Sodalite, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst – Create healing energies for sick plants.

Jasper- known to encourage new growth in plants.

Onyx and Obsidian- recommended for healthy tomato plants.

Onyx and Obsidian – known as “black stones” reportedly confuse and repel pests in your garden.

Is it good to put crystals in plants?

Absolutely yes, crystals are used as healing agents for your plants and contribute to the beauty of your garden.

How to Use Crystals in Plants?

You can place them in the soil or near plants or even in pots close to your plants.

The concept of placing crystals in your garden can have both positive and negative effects on the plants in your garden so choose carefully.

What Are The Main Four Types Of Crystals?

Multifarious crystals have been divided into 4 main categories or types on basis of their properties which are:

  1. Ionic Crystals
  2. Metallic Crystals
  3. Covalent NetworkCrystals
  4. Molecular Crystals

Some crystals have positive effects on your plants whereas, some of them are not recommended for your plants.

Those crystals which are suitable for your plants have many advantages like they increase the growth of your plants, act like healing agents, increase the beauty of your garden, and much more.


What Is Crystal Planting?

To place crystals in the vicinity of your plants is called crystal planting.

How to Place Crystals in Garden?

You can place your crystals in the soil or water. Ultimately it will have an impact on your plants.

While placing recommended crystals in your garden will negate negative energies and will have other positive impacts on your plants.

Various crystals and their placement are used for different purposes and these crystals are cleansed or charged accordingly.

How Do You Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals?

Some people believe that crystals increase the energy level and negate negative energies in your garden. Crystals regularly transmit natural vibrations in your garden.

Hence, it may be concluded that crystals release energy. However, crystals do absorb energy as well.

This is the reason that regular cleansing of crystals is required to restore your crystals into their original or natural state.

What Crystals Are Best For Plants?
What Crystals Are Best For Plants?

Following techniques are used for cleansing or recharging your crystals:

  1. Crystal Cleansing in Running Water
  2. Placing crystals in running water for about one minute will purify your crystal to its original or natural form.
  3. Crystal Cleansing in Salt Water
  4. You may dip your crystals in salt water for hours or days to bring them in natural form.
  5. Crystal Cleansing in a Bowl of Rice
  6. Dip your crystal in a bowl of rice. Crystal will eradicate energies that will be absorbed by the rice.
  7. Expose Your Crystal to Sun Light and Moon Light
  8. Placing your crystals in Sunlight or Moonlight balances energies in crystals.
  9. Using Sage Technique

How do you cleanse your crystals with sage?

You take a bundle of desired dried plants then you bury them all around your crystals to purify and recharge their energy.

Creating a Rhythm of Sound for about 10 Minutes near Your Crystals

This technique is also known as sound bath mediation. In this technique, you create good sounds in your garden where crystals are placed to recharge them.

Why You Should Add Crystals To Your Garden?

To increase the growth, nourishment of your plants and to make them healthy you should add crystals to your garden.

Can Crystals Help Your Plants Grow?

Placing crystals in the garden absorbs negative energy and provides a comfort zone for your plants. Hence it ultimately improves the growth of your plants and makes your garden look good and attractive.

How Pairing Crystals And Plants Can Alleviate Stress And Cultivate Abundance?

When you place crystals in your garden, these will absorb negative energies and will transmit positive energies in its environment. In this way, crystals alleviate the stress of plants and augment their growth.

How to Create a Beautiful Garden?

Placing beautiful crystals in your garden will increase the good look of your garden and will make it attractive to people who view your garden.

What Are The Most Powerful Healing Crystals?

While people enjoy the healing benefits of crystals, similarly plants should also enjoy the healing benefit of these crystals.

9 crystals have amazing healing effects on plants:

  1. Moonstone It is a multi-colored crystal and its origins are Sri Lanka and India. There is a myth that moonstone derives energy from Moon. Moonstone gives strength and nourishment to your plants and regenerates their lost cells. These crystals make plants happy and healthy.
  2. Green Calcite Its color is Green and its origin is Iceland. It is very effective in the process of detoxifying your plants as it does in people. If your plants seem to be getting weaker and not looking healthy, the use of these crystals in your garden helps your plants to recover. Green calcite provides energy and nourishment to your plants and I recommend them to be placed in your garden where your plants are stressed.
  3. Malachite Its color is Green and its origins are Russia, Mexico, and the USA. It deflects electromagnetic forces. If there is an electric tower in the near vicinity of your garden, this stone is best to be placed because it will deflect electromagnetic forces.
  4. Quartz It is transparent and its origins are the USA and Russia. It is considered a powerful gem. It has great positive impacts on plants. It promotes plant’s fertility and health. It is highly recommended as a healing stone for your plants.
  5. Moss Agate Its color is Green and its origin in the USA. It is believed that this stone creates a connection between you and your plant. Placing this crystal in your garden, you will generate good energies of harmonized plants for cleansing your inner self.
  6. Cerussite Its color is Silver and is available Worldwide. It has a favorable impact on all of your plants. It protects your plants from harmful pests. It augments the internal energies of your plants.
  7. Angelite Its color is Blue and its origin is Peru. It balances energies in your plants and makes plants capable to resist the pressure of the environment. It is also used for balancing water in plants. If your plants are getting dry despite having enough water then you should place Angelite in your garden.
  8. Tigers Eye Its color is Orange and its origin is South Africa. It helps your plants to defend themselves from foreign negative forces. It is used as a shield against radiation.
  9. Fairy Stone Its color is Brown and its origin is in the USA. It generates a link with other organisms.  It has magical impacts, once communication is established between you and your plant, then you can communicate with your plants and they will respond to you in terms of gestures.

What Crystals Are Good For Succulent Gardens?

Sodalite, Amethyst, Quartz, Agate, and Fluorite are good for succulent gardens.

  1. Sodalite It is a good crystal for creating a bond between yourself and your plant. It establishes communication between you and your plant.
  2. Amethyst It is considered a powerful stone and can be placed in your garden.
  3. Quartz It is a universal stone that is highly recommended to be placed in your garden as well.
  4. Agate is a good gift for all occasions which improves healing effects for your plants.
  5. Fluorite It is a beautiful stone that gives healing effects to your mind.

Is Quartz Good For Succulent Gardens?

Quartz is transparent and is considered a powerful gem. It has great positive impacts on your plants. It promotes plant’s fertility and health.

It is highly recommended as a healing stone. Generally, it is considered a universal crystal. It is highly effective for succulents as well.

Placing Quartz in your Succulent garden not only improves its beauty but also increases its healing effects.

It shines and creates Rainbow effects sometimes as well.

Which Crystals Do Not Work Together?

  1. Malachite Being a powerful crystal it amplifies all types of energies.
  2. Quartz is also used as an amplifier.
  3. Light Colored Light and cool-colored stones like light blue can bring the energy down.

Final Thoughts on… What Crystals Are Best For Plants?

From this article, it can be concluded that there are 4 main types of crystals that are subdivided into different categories.

There are 9 main subtypes of crystals that can be placed in your garden for good healing effects of plants. It is important to keep in mind that crystals regularly require cleansing and recharging.

Quartz is considered a universal stone and can also be placed in your succulent garden.

There are a lot of God-gifted things in the world which are not only beneficial for humans but also plants.

The proper selection of the correct types of crystals and their proper placement multiplies many great effects on your garden.

The selection of the right crystals and their placement not only improve the growth and healing effects of your plants but also multiply the beauty of the garden.

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What Crystals Are Best For Plants?
What Crystals Are Best For Plants?



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