Hematite Crystals Benefits (Explained)

Hematite Crystals Benefits (Explained)

I am going to go into great detail on Hematite Crystals Benefits.

Hematite is found in large quantities on Earth’s surface and crust. It is an important ore of iron. Hematite is an iron oxide and is composed of around 70% iron and 30% oxygen.

It is widely found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. Hematite crystal belongs to the class of the rhombohedral lattice system.

Hematite is used as a protective stone against negative energies. it is commonly worn as electroformed copper jewelry, which not only makes it durable but also elegant to wear.

Here is the answer to the benefits of Hematite Crystals.

Hematite is a semi-precious crystal that is the most important ore of iron.

It symbolizes courage, strength, endurance, and vitality.

It has a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Crystals Vs. Gemstones

Crystals have a well-defined geometric structure that is made up of atoms, ions, and molecules organized in regular patterns.

Gemstones are cut and polished valuable stones that contain mineral or organic basis.

HEMATITE 💎 TOP 4 Crystal Healing Benefits of Hematite Crystal! | Stone of the Mind

What Is The Meaning Of Hematite?

This stone is named hematite because of the blood-colored station found in some of the varieties. The color of hematite is often used as a pigment in various industries.

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Where Does Hematite Come From?

Good quality of the hematite comes from regions like England, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and the Lake Superior region of the United State, and Canada.

Hematite on Mars

Hematite is not only abundant on earth but is also present on Mars. On Mars surface fine as well as coarse particles of grey Hematite have been found.

The fine-grained hematite gives Mars its characteristic red hue, which is why Mars is also known as “Red Planet”.

Hematite Crystals Benefits (Explained)
Hematite Crystals Benefits (Explained)

Is Hematite Exepensive?

Hematite is not an expensive material due to its abundant presence in nature. Sometimes the price of few fine pieces with unique features and beautiful formations can be a little expensive.

What Does Hematite Symbolize?

Hematite is referred to as the “stone of the mind.” It symbolizes courage, strength, endurance, and vitality. It strengthens your connection with the Earth making you more ground, safe and secure.

What Power Does Hematite Have?

Hematite is a very grounding and balancing stone.

It absorbs and transmutes negative energy and helps you in seeing the positive side of a situation no matter how bad a situation is. Hematite has a calming effect on its wearer and puts a stop to overthinking.

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Who Should Wear Hematite?

Hematite is the birthstone for the people who have Aries and Aquarius as their zodiac signs. But anyone can wear it without any worries as it suits every zodiac sign.

It is a feri-magnetic stone that has a great influence on the energy field of humans.

Can You Wear Hematite Every day?

Hematite is a very powerful stone and its energy can make some people uncomfortable if they wear it for long period.

You have to see if it suits you, if you feel anxious by wearing it for a longer time, you should take breaks while wearing it.

If you don’t feel any strange feeling while wearing it, you are good to go and can wear it every day.

What Are The Uses Of The Crystal Hematite?

  • Hematite brings heartfelt deep confidence in its wearer life and eliminates toxic emotions. It protects you from unseen harms and serves as a protective shield. It is quite popular among people due to its protective properties. Hematite is popularly worn as rings, necklaces, and bracelets.
  • Hematite crystal electroformed in copper jewelry is an amazing and affordable way to wear this cyst for everyday use. The Mohs hardness of Hematite is 5.5 to 6.5. So if you are planning to wear your Hematite crystal in electroformed jewelry ask your electroforming artist to seal it. Because the thumb rule is to seal any crystal or gem to seal to prevent it from dissolving.

What Are The Benefits Of The Crystal Hematite?

  • Hematite is the symbol of grounding and protection, people use this crystal to protect themselves from the negative energies in their surroundings. This crystal has quite a few benefits some of them are:
  • Hematite balances the energy between your mind, body, spirit, and creates harmony between you and everything around you.
  • Hematite has stress-relieving benefits. It is also known as the stone of stress because it is very beneficial in removing stress from its wearer’s life.
  • Hematite crystals increase your confidence and self-esteem by removing all the negative thoughts in your mind and help your thoughts in becoming more focused and clear.
  • This wonder stone increases your creativity by neutralizing all the negative energies around you and helps you in achieving your goals and dreams in your life.

How Can You Tell If Hematite Is Real?

There are many dubious names out in the market like hemalyke, Hemalike, Hematine, Hemalyke people often confuse them with the Hematite.

So pay attention to the name of the stone you are buying. Following are some tests by which you can tell whether your stone is real or fake:

Magnet test: Hematites do not attract each other and other metallic substances.

They are paramagnetic substances means that very strong magnetic forces are required to attract them. So if your crystal is attracting another hematite crystal it means you have a fake one.

Streak test: For this, you will need sandpaper. Rub the sandpaper on the surface or the edge of your crystal. The real hematite upon rubbing will leave red or brown colored streaks on the surface.

Best Way To Clean Hematite

Hematite crystals can easily rust into the water so it is not recommended to clean them with water. For cleaning a hematite best way is to gently rub it with the soft-bristled brush cloth.

It will remove all the dust and dirt from it and leave your hematite crystal spick and span.

Final Thoughts On… Hematite Crystals Benefits (Explained)

Hematite is a semi-precious crystal that brings peace and protection in its wearer lives. It is a Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6.5.and is a soft stone.

You can wear it every day to protect yourself from negativity if it suits you. Electroforming Hematite in copper jewelry will protect your stone and make it durable and elegant.

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Hematite Crystals Benefits (Explained)
Hematite Crystals Benefits (Explained)















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