25 Important Facts About Crystals (Part Two)

25 Important Facts About Crystals (Part Two)


In this article 25 Important Facts About Crystals (Part Two). Crystals have been in our life for many years.  We use them every day some good examples are salt and sugar. We also see many beautiful crystals in the form of gemstones that are in our jewelry.

In this article, I want to cover how we use electroforming crystals in creating beautiful jewelry and artwork.  This article is part two of my two-part fact-filled information on crystals.  In part two we are going to be covering facts like, how old are crystals? how to re-charge your crystals? how old are crystals? and are crystals alive? and many more fun facts.

How do you recharge crystals?

Crystals can be recharged by placing them under direct sunlight or moonlight on the full moons. The light penetrates the crystals and recharges them.

How do you use rose quartz crystals?

You can make jewelry of quartz crystals, or you can wear them in your necklace and place them under your pillow for a comfortable sleep.

How old are crystals?

A tiny 4.4-billion-year-old crystal was found as the oldest recorded fragment of Earth’s crust. It was a zircon crystal found on sandstone in Western Australia. Scientists calculated the age of crystal by studying its lead and uranium atoms. So, we can easily say that crystals are as old as the Earth itself.

How to use your clear quartz crystal for manifesting?

Start your mornings by sitting with your clear quartz crystal in your hands. Then, allow your eyes to close and start to breathe in the energy coming out from your quartz crystal. Once you have connected with your crystal, begin to manifest and visualize your goals.

Is a crystal alive?

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Recently, a newly synthesized laboratory crystal was observed to be behaving in a very uncannily lifelike way. So, it can be said that while crystals aren’t truly alive, they’re not much far off, either.

Is amethyst a crystal or gemstone?

Amethyst is a semiprecious stone that is the birthstone for February. Depending upon your definition of crystals and gemstones, it can be both.

Is diamond a crystal?

Diamond is the solid form of carbon, and its atoms are arranged in a crystal structure described as the diamond cubic.

Is Quartz a crystal?

Yes, Quartz qualifies to all the definitions of a crystal. It is a complex, crystalline mineral composed mainly of silicon and oxygen atoms.

25 Important Facts About Crystals (Part Two)
25 Important Facts About Crystals (Part Two)

Is turquoise a crystal?

Yes, it is a stone and a crystal. It is one of the most discussed and highly spiritual stones in the world of crystals.

How to make your crystals?

You can make crystals at home by creating a saturated solution of Epsom salt and adding the colors you want for your crystal. After this, place the solution in the refrigerator and cool down the solution to get your crystal.

What are the benefits of wearing crystals?

Crystals are thought to promote sound energy and help rid the mind and body of negative energy. Historically, crystals have been touted as forms of medicine, with main philosophies borrowed from Buddhism and Hinduism.

What crystal do I need?

Depending upon your needs, your crystal may vary. For example, if you are looking for loyalty, sapphire is your crystal, while if you are looking for positive energy, Quartz can be helpful.

What crystals cannot go in the water?

Fluorite, Tangerine Quartz, Selenite, Azurite, Apophyllite, Gypsum, Lepidolite, and Opal are water unsafe crystals. However, there is an exception for opal, as Australian Boulder Opal is safe for water because it is not porous.

What crystals should I start with to make jewelry?

Ruby, Emerald, Quartz, and sapphire are crystals for beginners in jewelry. They are easy to carve and place in jewelry pieces.

What crystals should I start with?

Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Pyrite, Tourmalinated Quartz, Chrysoprase, Black Tourmaline, and Shungite are the best choices to start with for various purposes.

What is the most famous crystal?

Amethyst can be described as the most famous crystal across the world. A very striking, purple variety of Quartz which is best known for being found in large and crystal-encrusted geodes mines in south American countries,

What is the most potent crystal on Earth?

While the diamond is the most intricate crystal on Earth, it has to be the Ruby that is the most powerful crystal on Earth. It is a high-energy crystal that is helpful in many ways.

What makes a crystal a crystal?

Mineral atoms, ions, and molecules join each other in a repeating manner to make a crystal. If there is no repeating pattern in their formation, they can’t be crystals.

How to Use Crystal Clay on Crystal Points to Create Unique Pendants by Becky Nunn

What stone represents loyalty?

Sapphire is the stone of loyalty. For centuries, the blue sapphire has been the symbol of loyalty, honesty, purity, and trust. It is also the reason that engagement gemstones are mostly sapphires.

Where can crystals be found?

Crystals can be found where the hot water pushes its way out to the surface of the Earth. It could be near some hot springs locations. Agate, opals, and amethyst crystals are often found close to such sites.

Where do crystals come from?

Crystals are often formed in nature when liquid rock cools down and hardens. Some specific molecules in the fluid rocks join together as they try to become stable.

Which crystals cannot be cleansed in salt?

Selenite, Hiddenite, and Angelite cannot be cleansed in salt water. Some other stones that shouldn’t be washed in salt are Pyrite, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, etc.

Which crystals cannot get wet?

The rule of thumb to find crystals that can’t get wet is whose names end with ‘it.’ Some of them are red coral, turquoise, moonstone, fire opal, amber, calcite, kyanite, kunzite, Angelite, azurite, selenite.

Why is Quartz important?

It is essential for mainly two reasons: its physical strength and its healing characteristics. Apart from being a powerful healing crystal, Quartz is also the most common mineral in the Earth’s crust after feldspars. It is also resistant to weathering and the slowest crystal to dissolve.

What crystals can you electroform?

I believe any crystal can be electroformed as long as it is protected properly. Most crystals will get damaged or entirely dissolve in the electroforming solution if they are not properly sealed and protected. You can remember the rule of thumb that any crystal lower than a 7 on the MOH scale should be protected and sealed before dipping it into an electroforming solution.

Now that we know so much about crystals the next step is to use them to create beautiful jewelry by electroforming them into rings, pendants, etc.

In part one we went over all the steps like:

Process of electroforming crystals – Explained Step by Step

  • Make your design
  • Protect your stone
  • Apply copper paint
  • Electroform
  • Remove sealant
  • Final thoughts

25 Important Facts About Crystals (Part Two) Please Pin this to your Pinterest board.

25 Important Facts About Crystals (Part Two)
25 Important Facts About Crystals (Part Two)

Final Thoughts

As we said in part one crystals are very important for the aesthetic aspect of our electroforming designs and creations.  Electroforming is a great way to preserve and protect their beauty.  I hope this two-part series was informative and had just what you

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