Everything about Calcite Crystals “The Complete Guide”

Everything about Calcite Crystals “The Complete Guide”

Everything about Calcite Crystals “The Complete Guide” Nothing held back!

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and energy cleanser, removing negativity and releasing energy blockages that prevent personal growth.

A Heart Chakra healer, Calcite dispels the pent-up stress and pain the heart has felt clearing the way for love to flourish. 

Calcite crystal provides you mental relaxation; it balances your emotions and releases any other stress in your mind. It has a strong link with your heart. 

Is It Good For Electroforming?

Absolutely yes, it is a superb stone for electroforming when the electroforming process is used to form an eye-catching piece of jewelry that is wrapped in solid copper.

What Is The Meaning Of  Calcite Crystal?

 Calcite is meant to spread out and propagate the essence of love, making the heart more capable of compassion. It connects you with your inner self and creates emotional balance in your daily life. 

What Is Calcite Crystal Hardness?

Mohs hardness is the measurement of resistance of a smooth surface to scratching. The Mohs hardness of Calcite is 3. It can easily be scratched with a coin or knife.

How To Use Calcite Crystal?

Calcite is available in different shades. I will cover the many color shades later in the article.  You can use it in your custom-made jewelry. An eye-catching piece of jewelry can be custom-made from it which will not only be attractive but will also contain healing effects. You can also wear it on your neck, near your chest, or can be fitted in a ring.  Calcite is a magnificent stone that can also be placed or hung in your child’s room as it promotes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth and development.

What Does Calcite Crystal Attract?

Calcite attracts wealth. It restores your desires and goals. Associating yourself with this stone, this stone may be helpful to you in many aspects of life.

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How To Charge Calcite Crystal?

You can bury the Calcite crystal in soil and expose it to every full moon to charge it. To cleanse your Calcite crystal you can soak them in a solution of apple cider vinegar, water, and salt. Later on, you can place them to expose in the moonlight to let Moon recharge them. 

What Is The Best Way To Clean Calcite Crystal?

Everything about Calcite Crystals “The Complete Guide”
Everything about Calcite Crystals “The Complete Guide”

For cleaning your Calcite crystal placing it in plain running water is the best technique. However, for cleaning Calcite, it can also be soaked in a bowl of brown rice for about 24 hours while placing it in a bundle of burning sage or by placing and exposing it to Moonlight over the night.

What Are The Benefits Of Calcite Crystal?

Calcite has many benefits and has many good effects on your body. It has magical healing attributes. 

It acts as a healing agent to issues of your heart.

It helps in healing the problems related to your body or physical issues.

 Calcite acts as a healing agent in issues in your lymphatic system or the problems in your lungs or the breasts of women. 

Is Calcite Expensive?

Calcite is normal and abundant in the world. However, Calcite is uncommon in terms of its varieties; even then, they are found all over the World. Calcite in its original form is not very expensive because it is not rare. However, it becomes costly once it is cut to a particular size or shape. These minerals are very difficult to cut and hence the cost is increased due to the labor work involved in cutting Calcite. 

What Does Calcite Crystal Symbolize?

Calcite transmits the essence of affection, permitting your heart to grow and hold more empathy. It connects you with your inner self. It improves your memory, compassion and makes you cool and calm by bringing equilibrium to your emotions.

How Can You Tell If Calcite Crystal Is Real?

  1. Find your gem on the Moh’s scale. 
  2. Scratch your precious stone with a mineral that is lower than it on the scale. 
  3. If it gets harmed, you’ve got something made in a lab 
  4. A real calcite gem is a normally dim or light stone with a regular example assortment. 
  5. Calcite is effortlessly broken whenever dropped, while the artificial one isn’t. 
  6. If a precious stone is estimated under $6, it is probably going to be deceptive.

Can You Wear Calcite Crystal Every Day?

Calcite Crystal can help you with holding a sensation of desire, energy, and inspiration. The energies of Calcite will re-establish the equilibrium that you have lost. Hence you can wear it regularly in your jewelry.

Where Should I Keep My Calcite Crystal?

Calcite has a profound association with nature. This is a brilliant stone to put in your youngster’s room since it advances physical, enthusiastic, mental, and otherworldly development and improvements. Doing so will speed up development and advancement at enthusiastic, mental, physical, and profound levels. If you put the stone in your parlor, room, home, or office region, it will retain every one of the tensions and unpleasant sentiments. You can even utilize the stone for the development of your plants in your nursery. The mending properties of this stone will make your plants look great and be healthy.

Where Does Calcite Crystal Come From?

Tremendous stores of Calcite are easily available in Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Arizona, Africa, India, China, and Australia. 

Do Calcite Crystal Scratch Easily?

Calcite is number 3 on the Moh’s hardness scale; in this way, it tends to be scratched very easily by a blade. 

How Do You Wear Calcite Crystal?

Wear Calcite in your jewelry like neckband, wristband, and ring, or keep them near your body for physical, enthusiastic, and mental recuperating.

Can I Sleep With Calcite Crystal?

It’s a very good idea to keep Calcite by your bedside to have a good night’s sleep.

What Powers Does Calcite Crystal Have?

  1. Calcite has also wonderful attributes. Some of the powers and attributes of Calcite are given below:
  2. Calcite can improve the flow of energy in your body. 
  3. Calcite can improve your memory.
  4. It can stabilize your emotions and can bring a balance in your emotions.
  5. It can stimulate your sympathetic nature.
  6. It is considered useful for your heart.

What Forms And Color Shades Do Calcite Crystals Come In?

  1. In general, calcite occurs in many forms and colors and is considered to be an extremely important healing mineral.
  2. As a whole, calcite is excellent for accelerating both physical and spiritual development.
  3. In addition to increasing energy, it can open the chakras, clear them and strengthen them.
  4. Different varieties of calcite have different mineral structures, as well as different attributes.

Below you will find more information about all the types of calcite that make this crystal very special:

Angel Wing Calcite

  • Mohs Hardness 3
  • Origin: Mexico 
  • Color: White with golden edges
  • Birthstone: Cancer
  • Chakra Position: Crown

Additional Information

  1. A crystal with a wing-like shape often appears with hundreds of tiny crystals, creating the appearance of feathers.
  2. Crystal appearance rarely corresponds to the crystal’s properties, but here it does.
  3. It has the best spiritual properties of all the calcites.
  4. Light from Angel Wing Calcite fills the Crown Chakra like a halo, making the Crown Chakra feel sacred.

We can use it to call the angels into our lives and to work with them, as well as to help those angels who have chosen to incarnate during this time to remember who they truly are.

Blue Calcite

  1. Calcite – Blue
  2. Mohs Hardness 3
  3. Origin: Mexico and Madagascar 
  4. Color: Pale to mid blue
  5. Birthstone: Cancer
  6. Chakra Position: Throat

Additional Information

It is considered a Celestial Communication Stone because it facilitates communication on a spiritual level, especially on the unconscious level.

  1. Blue Calcite 
  2. Citrine Calcite
  3. Calcite Light to dark honey gold
  4. Mohs Hardness 3
  5. Origin: Mexico and China
  6. Color: Light to dark honey gold
  7. Birthstone: Cancer
  8. Chakra Position: Solar Plexus and Navel

Additional Information

Due to the similarities in color, Citrine Calcite was named after citrine to enhance meditation and ground mental energies.

Cobalto Calcite

  1. Calcite – Pale to deep pink
  2. Mohs Hardness 3
  3. Origin: Morocco and Congo
  4. Color: Pale to deep pink
  5. Birthstone: No known astrological sign
  6. Chakra Position: Heart

Additional Information

  1. Calcite is beneficial to the body, mind, and spirit.
  2. Bone and tooth development, blood clotting, and cellular communication are supported by collagen in the body.
  3. Furthermore, cobalt calcite can promote blood formation, nerve function, and brain function in addition to calcite’s general properties.
  4. Keep some in your room to dispel and lighten the atmosphere.
  5. Wear it on your body to reduce symptoms of asthma.
  6. It works with the Heart Chakra and beyond always allowing the positive parts of love.

Green Calcite

  1. Calcite – Green
  2. Mohs Hardness 3
  3. Origin: Mexico 
  4. Color: Pale to emerald green
  5. Birthstone: Cancer
  6. Chakra Position: Heart

Additional Information

Green Calcite is a psychological mending stone, that assists with freeing up inflexible feelings.

It is a good idea to clean your Green Calcite to absorb its negative energy.

Mangano Calcite

  1. Calcite – Pale pink
  2. Mohs Hardness 3
  3. Origin: China and Peru
  4. Color: Pale pink
  5. Birthstone: Cancer
  6. Chakra Position: Heart

Additional Information

Mangano Calcite is good support after emotional trauma and teaches us to forgive.

It allows us to let go of grief and move on.

Optical Calcite

  1. Calcite – Colorless
  2. Mohs Hardness 3
  3. Origin: notably Mexico and China
  4. Color: Colorless
  5. Birthstone: Cancer
  6. Chakra Position: Crown

Additional Information

Optical Calcite helps one to be clear on both a strict and representative level.

Red Calcite

  1. Calcite – Red
  2. Mohs Hardness 3
  3. Origin:  Mexico
  4. Color: Red-brown
  5. Birthstone: Cancer
  6. Chakra Position: Th base of your body and Navel

Additional Information

Red Calcite is emotionally uplifting and physically energizing. It can be used to shift negative energy to positive energy.

Final Thoughts On… Everything about Calcite Crystals

Calcite has a lot of advantages in real life which cannot be denied. It acts as a healing agent not only for plants but for humans as well. Besides its advantages and healing properties, Calcite is highly attractive and can be used in jewelry to add to its beauty and style.

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Everything about Calcite Crystals “The Complete Guide”
Everything about Calcite Crystals “The Complete Guide”



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