Blue Calcite Crystals Benefits (Explained)

Blue Calcite Crystals Benefits (Explained)

Blue Calcite Crystals Benefits will be the topic of discussion in this article.

Blue calcite is a crystal that belongs to the calcite family. Calcite is the stable polymorph of calcium carbonate.

Calcite is commonly found all over the world but blue calcite is rare and only found in some regions.  I will explain a bit later where Blue calcite comes from.

Blue Calcite is popular for its amazing healing properties and powerful benefits. Crystal lover uses this stone for its excellent benefits.

Wearing blue calcite crystal electroformed in copper jewelry is a perfect way to wear this stone as it makes it elegant as well as durable.

Blue Calcite Crystals Benefits are many, to start with it is a precious crystal that belongs to the calcite family.

This crystal is the symbol of emotional intelligence and helps its owners to go through the hardest time of their life.

The Mohs hardness of this stone is 3, and it’s a pretty soft stone.

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Crystals Vs. Gemstones

Both crystal and gem are types of minerals. The difference is that a gem is a rare and purest form of the mineral, while the crystal is not as pure as a gem and contains some impurities.

What Is The Meaning Of Blue Calcite?

The name of this crystal was from the German term “Calcit,” which means limestone, and the suffix “ite” is added at the end, which represents minerals.

Where Does Blue Calcite Come From?

Blue calcite is a rare mineral that comes from a few places in the world. The majority of the Blue calcite reservoir comes from Mexico and the Caribbean. The deepest blue type comes from the South African region.

BLUE CALCITE 💎 TOP 4 Crystal Wisdom Benefits of Blue Calcite Crystal!

Mythological history

Blue calcite has a very interesting mythological history. In ancient Indian culture, psychic healers use this stone to develop and improve their telepathic skills.

Ancient Egyptians used to believe the sky-like color of this stone represented life energy and wore it to increase their life and health.

Is Blue Calcite Expensive?

Blue calcite is an expensive crystal due to its rarity. It is only found in some parts of the world that makes it hard to find.

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You will live this Blue Calcite Crystal
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What Does Blue Calcite Symbolize?

Blue calcite is referred to as the “stone of emotional intelligence.” It harmonizes the emotional and intellectual energies and helps them in living a fulfilling and peaceful life.

What Power Does Blue Calcite Have?

This gorgeous crystal has amazing healing powers. This stone helps you to express yourself with greater clarity. It is a powerful cleanser of all the negative energies and amplifies the positive energies around you.

Blue Calcite Crystals Benefits (Explained)
Blue Calcite Crystals Benefits (Explained)

Who Should Wear Blue Calcite?

Blue calcite is one of the most comforting stones out there. It creates a shield to protect your aura.

If you are going to a place that will be crowded with people wart your blue calcite as it will protect you from taking in too much of others’ emotional projection.

Blue calcite calms and soothes your nerves and helps you to see the light even in the most difficult times in life.

If your going through some hard moments in your life wear this stone to get some help from its metaphysical properties.

Can You Wear Blue Calcite Every day?

Blue calcite is a very soft stone and is prone to scratches and cuts if you don’t handle it with care.

According to Vedic astrologers, the best way to wear it every day you can wear it as a necklace or a circlet around your forehead. As it is beneficial for improving your communication skill and emotional skills respectively.

What Are The Uses Of The Crystal Blue Calcite?

  1. Blue calcite is used for its beneficial healing properties. The energy of this stone clears your fears and negative emotions in difficult times. It is used as a jewelry piece electroformed in copper, in the home as raw form, and meditation for its healing properties.
  2. The Mohs hardness of Blue calcite is 3 making it a soft stone. So if you are planning to wear or make your own electroformed blue calcite in a piece of jewelry, do not forget to seal it before the electrifying process to protect your stone from dissolving.

What Are The Benefits Of The Crystal Blue Calcite?

Blue Calcite is popular for so many reasons from healing one emotion to express them in a better way by improving their communication skills. Some of the benefits of Blue Calcite are:

  1. The beautiful sky-toned crystal is great for reducing anxiety. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, wearing this tone or keeping it in proximity can provide you some relief.
  2. Blue calcite protects its wearer from negative energy. It protects their aura and turns unwanted energy into positivity.,
  3. This crystal awakens your intuition and enhances your inner visions and psychic abilities.
  4. Blue calcite is the best stone for encouraging honest and clear communication and helps increase creativity and self-expression.

How Can You Tell If Blue Calcite Is Real?

Some easy ways to tell whether your stone is real or fake:

  1. Check for dye in the cracks: blue calcite is a rare mineral and many of its counterfeit pieces are available in the market. Many vendors dye the ordinary calcite to the blue color and sell it as Blue calcite. Carefully look for the presence of dye and or pigment in the cracks of the crystal. the presence of pigment in the crystal is a big red flag that the crystal is fake.
  2. Check for waxy blue striation: Original Blue calcite has light blue striation in its structure, the texture of which feels waxy. Check for such striation in your crystal.

Best Way To Clean Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is a very soft stone even mild acids like vinegar can destroy your stone. So keep your stone far away from cleansers that contain harsh chemicals.

The neat way to clean your Blue calcite is to soak them in plain water and then rid it with a soft piece of cloth.

If your stone is still dirty you can use pressurized water. For this purpose, you can use a dental wand that is easily available in any commerce store.

Final Thoughts on… Blue Calcite Crystals Benefits

Blue Calcite is a precious crystal due to its rare occurrence. It is a gorgeous crystal that has some amazing healing powers.

It has a Mohs hardness of 3 and is a story stone.

Wearing Blue Calcite as a piece of electroformed copper jewelry will provide a way to show off your beautifully Blue calcite crystal.

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Blue Calcite Crystals Benefits (Explained)
Blue Calcite Crystals Benefits (Explained)



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