Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits (Explained)

Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits (Explained)

We are going to cover Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits with great detail in this artical. Black tourmaline, also named “Schorl,” is a member of the tourmaline family. It is a silicate mineral that contains boron.  Tourmalines are formed deep underground when extremely hot liquids full of various minerals start to cool down and crystalize into tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline is widely used in spiritual practices. This crystal eliminates negative energies by cleansing your aura.  Black tourmaline goes so well with electroformed copper jewelry, as it does not only make it look elegant to wear but also protects it from daily wear and tear.

We answer the question Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits.

Black tourmaline is a semi-precious crystal that is also known as “Schorl.”

It symbolizes protection and grounding. It is a hard stone with a Mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5.

Crystals Vs. Gemstones

A gem is the purest quality stone that has mineral bases or organic bases.  A crystal is a pure substance in which a molecule has arranged in geometric patterns. Gems are often on the pricey side because they are rare in nature and do not contain any impurity.

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Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits (Explained)Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits (Explained)

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What Is The Meaning Of Black Tourmaline?

The term tourmaline was derived from the Sinhalese language “tōramalli” which refers to carnelian gemstones in the local language.

Where Does Black Tourmaline Come From?

Black Tourmaline is found in Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, the United States, and almost all the regions of the world in small or large quantities.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Meaning • Protect Your Energy

Is Black Tourmaline Exepensive?

Fine pieces of black tourmaline crystals can be quite expensive. But, the good news is that the rough pieces that are equally suitable for healing are affordable.

What Does Black Tourmaline Symbolize?

Black tourmaline symbolizes protection and grounding. It is the negativity deterrent that absorbs all the negative energies and protects you from them.

What Power Does Black Tourmaline Have?

Black tourmaline is a very powerful crystal that is electrical in nature. Black tourmaline connects the Earth and the human spirit. Its healing and supportive energies align the energy centers of the body. It instills power and self-confidence in its wearer and empowers them to live or work in challenging environments or when facing difficult circumstances.

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Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits (Explained)
Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits (Explained)

Who Should Wear Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is mainly for people who have Libra and Capricorn as their zodiac signs. Bt due to its numerous benefits and no side effects it can be worn by anyone irrespective of zodiac sign. It is very beneficial for keeping in your home and workplace as it absorbs all the negative energies.

Can You Wear Black Tourmaline Every day?

Black tourmaline has a hardness of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It is a hard stone and you can wear it every day.  You can even use this stone underwater without any worries.

How To Differentiate Between Black Tourmaline And Black Onyx?

Black tourmaline and Black Onyx are often get confused for each other due to almost the same physical appearances and striking black color. But Black tourmaline is much lustrous and reflects light more efficiently when cut and polished than Black Onyx.

What Are The Uses Of The Crystal Black Tourmaline?

The Black tourmaline is a symbol of protection and grounding. Its ability to eliminate negativity and all the other negative energies from the surrounding environment makes it quite popular among people. It is used in the form of jewelry as well as in raw form. 

Black tourmaline jewelry electroformed in copper an affordable and great way to wear it every day. As it has a Mohs hardness of 7, it is pretty safe to electroform Black tourmaline without sealing it. But if you want extra protection you can ask your electroforming artist to seal it.

What Are The Benefits Of The Crystal Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline the best stones for energetic clearing. Some of the benefits of Black tourmaline are:

  • It ground your energies to the earth and made a connection between your spirit and mother earth.
  • It is perfect if you are looking for something to cleanse and refresh your aura.
  • Black tourmaline protects you against negative energies. It is a negativity deterrent so if you are facing any negativity in your life, use this stone.
  • This stone helps its owner with psychic problems. It aids in releasing anger and unworthiness and eventually offers its owner peace of mind.
  • It encourages optimistic attitudes in its wearer regardless of the situation they are in and brings them happiness and luck.

How Can You Tell If Black Tourmaline Is Real?

Here are some ways by which you can tell whether your ammolite is real or fake:

Check the hardness of your crystal: Black tourmalines have a Mohs hardness of 7-7.5 making it a pretty hard stone. To check its hardness take a knife and scratch the side of the stone with it. If the knife can easily scratch your stone, you most probably have fake tourmaline.

Ask for expert advice: The easiest and most credible way to know whether your stone is real or fake is to take it to a gemologist. They will do a complete examination of your stone and will tell you about your stone in detail.

Best Way To Clean Black Tourmaline

A clean soft cloth dampened in warm soapy water is the best and recommended way to clean your Black tourmaline crystal. The use of harsh chemicals, steam, and ultrasonic cleaners is not suggested.

Final Thoughts On Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits

Black tourmaline is a semi-precious crystal that eliminates negativity and brings protection and optimism to its owner’s life. It has a Mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5 which makes it a durable stone. Wearing  Black tourmaline electroformed in copper jewelry will protect your stone and make it even more durable. If you are looking for a credible and affordable place to electroform your stone into some amazing jewelry pieces, Glass by Micheal is perfect for you.

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Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits (Explained)
Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits (Explained)


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Schorl (a German word) or black tourmaline is the most common kind of tourmaline. Length: about 40 mm each. Origin: Brazil.
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