What Are Evil Eye Bracelets

What Are Evil Eye Bracelets? (Explained)

What Are Evil Eye Bracelets? I am going to explain everything about Evil Eye Bracelets.

The evil eye bracelet is an amulet fitted with a colored eye symbol used to protect people from malicious harm or injury.

It is an indication of spiritual protection from the dangers of the evil eye.

You might have seen the symbol of the evil eye but did know the meaning. It has been famous for decades across all religions.

 The evil eye is the belief that fame, success, and praise bring different types of misfortunes such as pain, illness, or harm.

In other cultures, people believe that for anyone successful, the surrounding is ready to harm them whether purely malicious or intentional.

Because the evil eye can function subconsciously and hurt people unintentionally, people wear bracelets and other amulets to protect themselves from its harm.

What Is The Evil Eye Curse?

The evil eye curse is a nasty glare that causes misfortune, harm, embarrassment, and bad luck to a person who is unaware.

It is believed that the evil eye can function even when the onlooker does not intentionally wish for it or does not have negative thoughts.

Therefore, Talismans/bracelets were made to protect you against casting an evil glare on others or being harmed unintentionally by others.

Some cultures believe that the evil eye occurs in three types: unconscious, intentional, and unseen.

The unseen is the scariest, and people will cast it by looking at others with envious eyes and releasing that force to the surrounding.

If people in that surrounding have the evil eye bracelet, all misfortunes and negative energy are sent back to the onlooker.

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Where Do I Wear My Evil Eye Bracelet?

There are different places and ways to wear the evil eye bracelet depending on your heart desires. If interested in protecting your personal life, the evil eye bracelet should be worn on the left hand.

In contrast, if you wish to protect your work, money, and success, wear the evil eye bracelet on the right hand because it is associated with the brain and logic.

What Do The Evil Eye Colors Mean?

Originally, evil eye bracelets were made in blue and green colors. As cultures change, the evil eye colors have changed and varied from blue, green, white, pink, etc.

The colors have different spiritual meanings, as explained below:

  1. Blue traditionally represents good karma, positive energy, and protection from karma as well as fate.
  2. Light Blue is the color of the sky representing truth and offers direct protection from the evil eye.
  3. A yellow eye protects your health, bringing relief from exhaustion, a sharper mind, and concentration.
  4. Orange is believed to bring happiness, motivation and increase creativity. It also protects from evil intentions.
  5. Red protects you from fears and anxieties. It brings you courage, enthusiasm, and energy.
  6. Pink protects others, including your friendships, and brings a feeling of content as well as relaxation.
  7. White gives you a chance to start afresh and clears evil clutter and obstacles.
  8. Green is the color of success, abundance, and protection from dying dreams.
  9. Purple removes obstacles from your life, helping you regain balance and great imagination.
  10. Grey protects you from sorrow and reduces the intensity of other colors.
  11. A black evil eye bracelet means power and protection.
What Are Evil Eye Bracelets?
What Are Evil Eye Bracelets?

 How Do I Get Rid Of Evil Eye At Home?

You can get rid of the evil at your home through prayer or placing the evil eye symbol either in your living room, home entrance, garden, or patio.

Placing the eye symbol anywhere in your home guards it from any misfortunes.

Also, ensure all your interior spaces are clean and well organized.

To make your house more secure, avoid sharp-cornered furniture to keep every family member out of harm’s way.

There are other ways to get rid of the evil eye at home including:

  1. Coconut cleansing- this is where you hold the coconut in your right hand, swirl it and release all evil to it. Once done, carry the coconut to a road far from your home and smash it when your far enough away.
  2. Aura cleansing is where an older respected individual burns camphor moving the flame around your body three times, then leave the fire outside your surroundings.
  3. Egg remedy- Chant prayers swirl eggs around a troubled person and throw them outside your surroundings.
  4. Mirror Talisman- Place mirrors on the entrance of your house to reflect the evil eye to its origin.

After completing any of these rituals, put three fresh drops of oil in a pan to see if the eye is gone.

If the drops remain round and in place, the evil eye is no longer in your home.

Where Should You Hang An Evil Eye At Home?

The evil eye can be hung anywhere in the home, including the living room, in one’s office space, the garden, or even the patio.

According to Vastu experts, you can hang it at the entrance of your home to repel the bad energies entering the house.

If most of your guests sit in the living room, you can hang it there to radiate positive energy and neutralize all evil.

It is also okay to hang the evil eye in the garden but should not be placed facing south.

If placed in the garden, your home will be filled with positive energy creating a harmonious environment.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing An Evil Eye Bracelet?

They protect you from unseen and unintentional evil from others.

  1. Evil eye bracelets invite good luck
  2. They possess good vibes
  3. They also help you stay healthy and happy.

How Do You Bless An Evil Eye Bracelet?

You can bless an evil eye bracelet by using different cleansing rituals.

Once you receive the bracelet, hold it in your palms, close your eyes and allow the feeling of protection and gratitude to take charge.

Your heart will be filled with a sensation of gratitude and abundance.

Allow yourself to sink in this feeling and imagine the body having an overflow of great things and flowing water that you have access to.

You could use a memory of a beautiful waterfall to symbolize the feeling in your body.

Once you have created a connection with your body’s flowing water, imagine all the negative energies and the harm you protected from by the bracelet being sent to the stream.

This way, they are released and send to mother earth who transforms them into new life.

Once you have done that, the negative energies from the evil eye will always be repelled to the river flowing down to mother earth. 

How Do You Put The Evil Eye On Someone?

You can cause an evil eye on others by consciously or unconsciously harboring ill feelings.

When you look at someone and intentionally wish bad things or unconsciously emit negative energy, the jinx makes the person a victim of misfortunes.

In other times when we think of kind words for others, that might unforgivingly transfer unseen evil eye curses.

This is because you can tell someone kind words while inside you filled with envy for their success or fame.

What Happens When You Lose An Evil Eye Bracelet?

When you lose your evil eye bracelet, it means that someone is using black magic on you and has assigned evil spirits to keep track of all your actions.

Even though nothing might happen to you, then you should continue protecting yourself from evil through prayer and other amulets.

Why Is The Evil Eye Good Luck?

The evil eye is good luck because it protects you from any intentional and unintentional malevolent stare.

Additionally, it brings good luck by rebelling any ill will that could have caused any misfortunes in your life.

Is It Bad Luck To Buy Yourself An Evil Eye Bracelet?

It is not bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet. However, it is always better to be gifted by those who might think you need to be protected.

If others give you the evil eye bracelet, the protection power is more attracted to you, and misfortunes keep away.

Regarding gifting, newborns, pregnant women, and people who might be highly vulnerable to evil glares need more protection.

Is It Bad To Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

It is not bad to wear evil eye jewelry because it shields and protects you from misfortunes caused by malevolent glares. Additionally, evil eye jewelry will neutralize bad intentions and any negative energy cast on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does An Evil Eye Bracelet Work?

The evil bracelet protects the wearer from the misfortunes caused by the evil eye.

Can I Sleep With My Evil Eye Bracelet?

To show a sense of respect, always remove the evil eye bracelet when going to sleep. The bracelet will always protect you when you respect it.

Can I Shower With My Evil Eye Bracelet?

It is advisable to take off the evil eye bracelet during a shower or when sleeping to keep its charm’s luster.

Can You Take Off Your Evil Eye Bracelet?

Yes, you can take off the evil eye bracelet when sleeping or showering. You are also free to stop wearing the evil eye bracelet when you wish.

Can I Wear An Evil Eye Necklace?

Yes, religion and people in many countries where you can wear an evil eye necklace. Many people in many countries wear evil eye bracelets.

Final Thoughts on…What Are Evil Eye Bracelets?

Even though it might carry different symbols in various cultures, the evil eye has the same meaning regardless of the story’s origin. It is believed to be an evil glare that one can cast on others, causing misfortunes.

Wearing an evil eye bracelet can protect you from misfortunes by repelling evil and sending it back to the onlooker.

As you have read, it is essential to understand what different colors of the evil eye symbol mean and the correct way to wear them.

Wearing any of these symbols or placing them around your home protects you from any misfortunes.

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What Are Evil Eye Bracelets?
What Are Evil Eye Bracelets?


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