What Are The Benefits Of Copper Jewelry?

What Are The Benefits Of Copper Jewelry? “Everything You Should Know”

What Are The Benefits Of Copper Jewelry? This is the topic of this article today. Let’s learn the benefits of copper jewelry.

Copper is an excellent choice for making jewelry because of its durability, physical and spiritual properties as well as versatility.

What Are Your Buying Options For Copper?

When buying jewelry, you will mostly be tied between specific options. In the local and online markets, you will see fantastic copper pieces.

Even though they will be available in different styles, you might not buy them because you are unfamiliar with their benefits.

Being a popular metal in making weapons and machinery, many people will ignore copper jewelry. However, copper makes amazing jewelry that is very durable and affordable.

To learn more about the benefits of copper jewelry, keep reading.

What Is the History Copper Jewelry?

Copper is a naturally occurring mineral both in the human body and in nature. It was one of the earliest realized metals between 10,000 to 13000 years ago.

However, it was only until 5000 years ago when it was used in the Middle East to make alloys. Due to its value, it was initially used to make coins and valuable items.

Egyptians and Native Americans were famous for making copper alloys.

Currently, changes in technology have increased the use of copper in jewelry making than in other industries.

What Are the Properties of Copper Jewelry?

Copper jewelry has both holistic and spiritual properties.

Being an essential micronutrient to the human body, copper has physical, emotional, and wellness benefits. When you wear copper jewelry, you tap into its spiritual (discussed later in this article and all protective properties.

To ultimately tap into the benefits of copper jewelry, it should be in contact with your skin for enzymic reactions to occur.

Enzymic reactions cause the release of micro-nutrient properties that enhance both your wellness and physical health.

Additionally, copper jewelry has healing properties for diseases such as arthritis, rheumatic, and inflammatory diseases.

When you wear a copper bracelet, you will likely enjoy its detoxification effect and improved oxygen use.

The Benefits of Wearing Copper Jewelry

How To Tell If Jewelry Is Real Copper?

To tell if the jewelry is real copper, examine it under white light or strike it against something.

Copper items should appear reddish with a brown hue like pennies. Also, if you strike it, it should produce a clear, muted sound.

Other methods that can be used to tell if the jewelry is real copper include density test, magnetic test, and electrical conductivity test.

However, for electrical conductivity, you will need an ohmmeter to measure object resistance.

What Are The Benefits Of Copper Jewelry? “Everything You Should Know”
What Are The Benefits Of Copper Jewelry? “Everything You Should Know”

Why Wear Copper Jewelry?

Some reasons why you should wear copper jewelry include:

  1. It’s safe to wear
  2. Copper metal is safe to wear because it does not react with the skin but rather kills microorganisms.
  3. It has health benefits.
  4. Copper jewelry provides great health benefits, as discussed in the section below.
  5. Copper is very versatile.
  6. Copper offers a great variety to choose all your jewelry pieces, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or even anklets. This way, you don’t struggle to look for metal makes a variety of all your jewelry.


Compared to other essential metals, copper is more durable and lasts longer. However, it is essential to keep your copper jewelry pieces safe for them to last longer.


Because copper is naturally and widely available, its jewelry is highly affordable. Moreover, when mixed with other metals, it provides you with a combination of class and affordability.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Copper Jewelry?

Wearing copper has the following health benefits:

  1. Reduces Joint Pain
  2. Copper jewelry acts as an anti-inflammatory hence reducing joint pain.
  3. Helps Your Body Absorb Minerals
  4. The human body naturally needs copper elements. You can get this by wearing a copper bracelet. When you sweat, copper reacts with body salts and gets absorbed into your system.
  5. Improves Cardiovascular Health
  6. The lack of copper elements in your body causes many cardiovascular issues, including anemia and damaged arteries. Wearing copper jewelry will improve your heart health and protect you from anemia.

Boosts Immune System

When copper is absorbed into your system, it creates a psychological balance in the body and reduces blood toxicity.

Also, this balance enhances the immune system by creating a response for the body to make hemoglobin.

Antiaging Effects 

Through its antioxidants, copper reduces body toxicity caused by ions and radicals, reducing the aging process.

Is Copper Jewelry Spiritual?

Wearing copper jewelry has spiritual benefits such as

Creating energy alignment using the right vibrations and frequencies.

Enhancing your thoughts by aligning them with the right energies.

Boosting your self-esteem by creating a balance and keeping genuine emotions.

Does Copper Jewelry Turn Skin Green?

Yes, the copper turns your skin green, but it does not cause any harm, even for sensitive skins. When you sweat, your copper jewelry will react and form a green color on your skin.

Additionally, it is likely your jewelry will react and form a green color on your skin if you have high levels of body acids.

If your copper jewelry forms a Patina, clean it to ensure it does not continue to react.  

How To Clean Copper Jewelry Naturally?

When worn overtime or not well-stored copper jewelry does not rust but loses its luster and tarnishes. Additionally, copper also reacts with the environmental and body elements forming a green hue.

To care for your copper jewelry, clean them occasionally with lukewarm soapy water. After, dry them with a copper cleaning/polishing cloth that either you can get from your copper retailer or Amazon.

These basic steps will help you clean your copper pieces naturally and restore their natural shine.

  1. Wet your copper jewelry with lemon juice and sprinkle salt on the surface. Use a polish cloth to rub for a few minutes to remove tarnish and rinse.
  2. You can also use ketchup to clean tarnish on copper by squeezing it on the piece then rubbing it off with a cloth or fingers. After, rinse your jewelry well to remove all ketchup.
  3. Pour vinegar into a glass bowl and submerge your copper pieces for 15-20 minutes. You can also add salt for a deeper clean.
  4. To keep copper jewelry shiny, you can have your pieces sealed with a polish or wax to keep your protect them from tarnishing.

What Colors Go With Copper Jewelry?

Because copper is reddish, it is likely to go with silver, gold, and gunmetal colors. You can also mix copper jewelry with multiple colors, and it would still look good.

Copper can also be complemented by colors such as blue and green.

Can You Solder Copper Jewelry?

Copper jewelry can be soldered with silver to make it look great. One of the best copper solders can be bought on Amazon.

On the other hand, silver can be soldered on copper jewelry through sweat soldering.

Final Thoughts On… What Are The Benefits Of Copper Jewelry?

Many different topics were covered in this article “What Are The Benefits Of Copper Jewelry?”. Some of my favorites were Why Wear Copper Jewelry? and How to care for your Copper Jewelry.

If you enjoyed reading What Are The Benefits Of Copper Jewelry? you will love How Long Does Copper Jewelry Last? 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Copper Jewelry Hypoallergenic?

Copper is sometimes hypoallergenic when mixed with other metal alloys like nickel. Also, other people might be allergic to copper, making it a bad choice for them.

Is Copper Jewelry An Anniversary Gift?

Copper is a traditional gift for the 7th wedding anniversary because it represents good fortune and success. Therefore, copper jewelry is a good choice for an anniversary gift.

Is There Copper Jewelry For Grounding?

Copper jewelry is an amazing choice for spiritual grounding because it is great to conduct of earth energies. Once you wear copper grounding jewelry and visualize your energies, it creates a grounding connection. Amazon and Etsy have the best copper bracelets for grounding.

Can You Shower with Copper Jewelry?

You should not shower or swim with your copper jewelry. When exposed to moisture, mostly water filled with harsh chemicals, copper jewelry tarnishes, losing its original hue.

Can You Repair Copper Jewelry?

Yes, you can repair copper jewelry, but it requires a little technical knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Copper has been around for the last 13000 years ago. It has been used for valuable items such as coins and is still used to make jewelry in the current world.

Wearing copper jewelry has major advantages, including spiritual, physical, and wellness benefits.

However, wearing copper jewelry might turn your skin green when they react with body salts and oxygen.

Also, when worn for long without proper care, copper tarnishes.

Therefore, if you are a copper lover, you should ensure you clean it regularly. Also, ensure you do not shower or swim with your copper jewelry.

What Are The Benefits Of Copper Jewelry? “Everything You Should Know”
What Are The Benefits Of Copper Jewelry? “Everything You Should Know”




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