How To Make Jewelry Out Of Copper Pipe

How To Make Jewelry Out Of Copper Pipe?

How to make jewelry out of copper pipe? is an article I wanted to post so you will get all the information you will need To Make Jewelry Out Of Copper Pipe.

Copper is incredibly adaptable and great for various other jewelry-making methods, including etching, brazing, electroforming, and enameling–and it’s a more affordable metal!

Making copper jewelry is a clever and fashionable decision for your jewelry business, especially given the current popularity of rose-gold-colored jewelry.

Copper jewelry is admired for its burnished “red” hue and the notion that it may cure arthritis pain among holistic healers. Many people believe copper has additional healing powers.

Copper is a beautiful metal to create many different colorful patinas.

How To Make A Copper Pipe Jewelry Stand?

Copper is used in what kinds of jewelry?

Copper is a lovely jewelry metal because of its natural orange earth tone.

It’s also adaptable because it’s simple to shape, imprint, and engrave. Cuffs, pendants, and rings are all popular copper jewelry pieces.

Copper is frequently coupled with leather or metals such as sterling silver or gold to emphasize its vintage appearance.

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DIY Copper Jewelry Stand

How To Make A Copper Pipe Jewelry Stand?

Materials Needed:

  1. 1/2-inch copper pipe
  2. tape measure
  3. chalk marker
  4. copper tube cutter
  5. (5) copper tee connectors
  6. (7) copper end caps
  7. permanent craft glue

Following are the steps to make a beautiful copper wire stand:

Step 1: Cut each piece of copper pipe separately with the tubing cutter after measuring out the needed length.

Step 2: After you’ve cut out all of your copper pipe pieces, use sandpaper to smooth down the ends of the cut pipe, so they’re not harsh.

Step 3: Assemble the T shape from the copper pipe in the following manner:

With a T 3-way piece in the middle, connect two 6 inch sections of copper pipe.

Connect the bottom of this with the 3-inch copper pipe.

Insert a 6-inch piece to the right – this will produce an arm on the right side.

At the very bottom, place an 8-inch piece of copper pipe.

Step 4: Prepare to drill the woodblock by marking out the central point.

Drill a 1/2-inch hole in the wood block’s middle.

Insert the copper pipe “tree” bottom end into the wooden block. Twist as necessary.

Step 5: Now is the time to pick what you’ll do with the wooden block. You can paint it, stain it, or finish it with a coat of lacquer.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s completely dried before finishing the jewelry holder.

Step 6: You can now finish and secure the jewelry holder if you are satisfied with how it appears.

The use of superglue Remove each piece of copper pipe, dab a little adhesive on it, then reassemble the piping. If you use a little too much glue, scrape it off with a toothpick.

Step 7: You can now finish the jewelry stand once the woodblock has dried and has been stained or painted.

Just put some super glue in the hole you just drilled in the wooden block then insert the copper pipe tree.

Your Copper Pipe Jewelry Stand is complete enjoy.

Wedding Ring Made from Copper Pipe

How To Make Copper Pipe Jewelry Ring?


  • Butane Torch costs from $20.00 and higher (If you need to size ring)
  • 1 = 3/4in Copper pipe
  • Silver solder (soft) (If you need to size ring)
  • Flux for the solder

Step 1: Wear strong leather work gloves and wrap-around eye protection.

We are going to make a simple 1/8-inch copper ring out of ¾ inch copper pipe in approximately a 9 or 9.5 size ring

Use a pipe-cutting tool to cut the pipe 1/8” wide.

Step 2: If you need to size your ring you will need to partially open the ring by cutting the ring along the width with a hack saw or a rotary tool with a cutoff blade. If you do cut the ring to change the size you will have to solder the cut closed.

Step 3: To solder the cut you need to file each edge so it will match up without any light leak.  Put flux on the area to be soldered then apply a very small amount of solder.

Step 4: When you use your torch first heat up the area around where the solder is then directing the heat to the solder slowly and it will melt and fill in the gap where you cut the ring.

Step 5: After the ring is cool remove and smooth all burrs and sharp edges, use half-round, round, and flat jewelers’ files.

Step 6: To finish-polish, each item, use jewelers’ rouge on a polishing cloth. Remove any remaining debris and buffing substance-using acetone or nail polish remover, followed by a paper towel or clean, soft cloth.

Step 7: To prevent oxidation, spray each component with clear lacquer. Allow your new copper ring to dry completely before packaging or wearing it.

You now have a beautiful copper ring that you made with copper pipe.

How To Make Jewelry Out Of Copper Pipe?
How To Make Jewelry Out Of Copper Pipe?

What Are The Types Of Jewelry Made From Copper Tubing?

Rings ● Necklaces ● Earrings ● Bangles ● Pendants and bracelets

Can You Etch Copper Pipe?

Yes, you can etch copper pipe.

Safety first:

To avoid damage when learning how to acid etch copper sheets, it’s best to follow some fundamental safety precautions.

To begin, make sure you’re wearing safety eyewear and wearing proper gloves to protect yourself from any acidic solution spillages.

Prepare your copper sheet:

Make sure the copper you’ll be working with is clean, whether you’re using ready-made copper metal blanks or cutting your own from a copper sheet.

Any waxes or grease from your fingertips that could interfere with the etching process must be removed from the copper.

Select your etching design:

A resist will be formed by the design you choose, whether it’s a drawing you made yourself, an elaborate pattern, or a stamped image.

This means that after the acid is applied, the permanent marker or solvent ink pad you used to make your design will resist it, allowing the acid to do its job on the surrounding area of your copper piece.

Bring the acidic solution to a neutral pH:

Combine two tablespoons of baking soda with lukewarm water.

Mix gently. Remove the copper blank from the etching solution and set it in the baking soda solution to neutralize it.

As the baking soda solution neutralizes the acid, the copper will bubble, making it safe to handle once more.

How To Cut Copper Pipe For Jewelry Making?

Choose a spot on the copper pipe where you want to cut. Draw a line where you want the cut with a fine permanent marker.

Set the hacksaw blade or tube cutter on the mark. After you’ve cut the pipe with the hacksaw or tube cutter, use rubbing alcohol to remove the mark. (Smooth the rough surfaces)

How to Color Copper Pipe Jewelry?

A blue or green patina can be achieved by soaking copper in white vinegar and salt. Bury the copper in sawdust or crushed potato chips soaked in white vinegar.

The darker the patina develops, the longer the copper is buried.

Flame painting is a type of copper craftsmanship that uses a flame to create vibrant colors. It gives a beautiful color to copper jewelry.

Another easy way is to use Liver of Sulphur, to patina copper.

How to Take Care Of Your Copper Jewelry?

The easiest way to keep your copper jewelry looking new is to keep it in a resealable plastic bag or a jewelry case lined with anti-tarnish paper.

Before keeping your jewelry, make sure it’s clean and dry.

Copper jewelry (particularly patinated copper jewelry) should not be exposed to water or any sort of solvent.

Before showering or bathing, remove all jewelry.

Wearing jewelry while swimming is not recommended (chlorine and salt will irreversibly harm copper or patina).

Final Thoughts On… How To Make Jewelry Out Of Copper Pipe?

Copper is a versatile and long-lasting metal that has been utilized for more than 10,000 years.

Copper is a popular metal for jewelry because of its malleability, beautiful red-brown hue, and smooth shine. Cuffs, pendants, and rings are all popular copper jewelry pieces.

Copper is frequently coupled with leather or other metals such as sterling silver or gold to highlight its vintage appearance.

Earring with precious jewels in earth tones like red, blue, and green look very good with copper.

Copper’s natural beauty lies in its earthy hue.

Copper jewelry changes color from a beautiful earthy brown to a deeper, more golden brown overtime when worn.

Copper, if left unattended for a long time, will turn green and acquire a patina.

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How To Make Jewelry Out Of Copper Pipe?
How To Make Jewelry Out Of Copper Pipe?



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