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Evil Eye Protection Celebrities: You Won’t Believe 13 Top Hollywood Stars Are Wearing! [Part 1]

With all the envy celebrities face today, why do so many wear the ancient evil eye amulet in stylish ways?

This article explores how famous people use the evil eye for empowerment against constant negativity and curses.

Introduction [Evil Eye Protection Celebrities]

Meghan Markle Evil Eye jewelry Evil Eye Protection Celebrities Stars like Beyoncé, Shah Rukh Khan, and Kim Kardashian have made the evil eye symbol their own special fashion statement.

The evil eye is an ancient amulet thought to protect against envy and bad energy. Now celebrities use it in cool jewelry and accessories.

Some celebrities wear big, flashy evil eye rings and necklaces covered in diamonds.

These make a bold look on the red carpet. Other stars like small, simple evil eye charms for everyday style. But they all use the charm to ward off haters.

This article explores how famous people put their own spin on the classic evil eye design.

We’ll see how they mix modern fashion with ancient meaning. The evil eye shows how old beliefs can inspire new trends across cultures today.

Even with different looks, the wish to stay positive comes through.

Evil Eye Bracelet

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty, the epitome of elegance and glamour, has an undeniable love for accessorizing with ornate evil eye jewelry.

One stunning piece that caught everyone’s attention was her diamond evil eye ring, aptly named the Diamond Evil Eye Ring. 

This exquisite statement ring boasted a large and captivating blue sapphire eye at its center.

The combination of sparkling diamonds and the vivid blue sapphire created a mesmerizing effect that not only added a touch of luxury but also served as a potent symbol of protection. 

It is no wonder that Shetty’s choice of jewelry reflects her desire to shield herself from any ill-wishers or negative energies.

In addition to her enchanting ring, Shilpa Shetty has also been spotted adorning herself with an alluring evil eye pendant necklace. 

Known as the Evil Eye Pendant Necklace, this dazzling piece features diamonds and delicate blue stones intricately arranged to form the iconic protective charm.

What sets this necklace apart is how Shetty expertly layers it with other chains to create a truly flashy effect. 

The combination of various necklaces adds depth and dimension to her ensemble while ensuring that she remains encased in an aura of safeguarding energy.

As an esteemed celebrity figure, Shilpa Shetty understands the power of heavy ornamentation not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for its symbolic significance. 

By choosing intricately designed evil eye pieces embellished with diamonds, sapphires, and other precious stones, she masterfully combines luxury and protection into one cohesive image.

Through these stunning accessories, she sends a clear message: she is unyielding in her determination to ward off any negativity or ill intentions directed toward her radiant persona. 

Evil Eye Protection Celebs Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian is undeniably the queen of all things glamorous, and her choice of evil eye jewelry is no exception.

When it comes to this protective amulet, she goes all out, opting for pieces adorned with dazzling diamonds and pave stones.

One of her standout accessories is the Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet, which features a bright blue sapphire eye surrounded by a multitude of sparkling diamonds. 

This bracelet was undoubtedly custom-designed to match her extravagant taste and perfectly complemented her glittering diamond watch and ring.

With its opulent allure, it’s no wonder that this piece caught everyone’s attention as Kim confidently flaunted it on various occasions. 

Not one to shy away from making a bold statement, Kim Kardashian also sported the Pave Evil Eye Ring, an extravagant piece that truly turned heads.

This ring boasts tiny diamonds meticulously encrusting the entire band, creating a visually stunning display of luxury. 

As she elegantly flaunted this flashy take on the evil eye amulet, Kardashian effortlessly conveyed a symbolic reminder to be cautious of envy that might surround her in the world she inhabits.

Given Kim’s jet-setting lifestyle and love for indulgence, it comes as no surprise that she may have acquired these exquisite pieces during one of her luxurious overseas trips. 

Perhaps they serve as both high-end souvenirs and symbolic reminders for her to remain vigilant against negativity in an industry often marred by envy and criticism.

When it comes to accessorizing with evil eye jewelry, Kim Kardashian certainly knows how to make a lasting impression with an irresistible blend of style and symbolism. 

Meghan Markle Evil Eye jewelry Evil Eye Protection Celebrities

Meghan Markle 

Evil Eye Protection Celebrities: You Won't Believe 13 Top Hollywood Stars Are Wearing! [Part 1]Evil Eye Protection Celebrities: You Won't Believe 13 Top Hollywood Stars Are Wearing! [Part 1]

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has demonstrated her affinity for the evil eye charm with her fashion choices.

She effortlessly incorporates this symbol of protection into her wardrobe, showcasing both extravagant and minimalist styles. 

During one public outing, while she was pregnant, Meghan was captured wearing a bracelet that truly caught everyone’s attention.

The Diamond and Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet adorned her wrist, featuring dazzling diamonds and sapphires surrounding an exquisite evil eye pendant. 

This magnificent piece perfectly blended luxury with the significance of warding off negativity.

It’s possible that this bracelet was a thoughtful baby shower gift, representing hopes for good fortune and safeguarding her growing family. 

In addition to her opulent choices, Meghan also embraces a more understated approach to the evil eye trend.

She has been seen sporting the Simple Blue Bead Evil Eye Bracelet on various occasions. 

This everyday piece exudes simplicity with its blue bead design but still possesses profound symbolism in protecting its wearer from harm or ill intentions.

This choice reflects Meghan’s desire for protection from critics while maintaining her signature laidback style. 

It is fascinating to witness how Meghan Markle effortlessly incorporates both luxurious and pared-back versions of the evil eye charm into her fashion repertoire.

Whether she opts for diamond-encrusted magnificence or chooses a more modest yet equally powerful blue bead bracelet, she showcases not only an appreciation for elegance but also a belief in the power of ancient symbols to guide and protect us through life’s journey. 

Sara Ali Khan 

Sara Ali Khan, known for her effortless style and down-to-earth persona, brings a more understated approach to the evil eye trend.

One instance where she showcased her love for this protective charm was when she was spotted at the gym wearing a simple blue bead evil eye bracelet. 

The bracelet, adorned with hand-painted beads in varying shades of serene blues, added a touch of bohemian charm to her casual workout outfit.

It’s not surprising that Khan opted for this subtle piece as it perfectly suited her laid-back style and reflected her belief in the power of the evil eye’s protective qualities. 

This delicate bracelet may not have been sourced from a high-end designer store; instead, it probably caught her eye while browsing through a local street market during one of her travels.

The cool blue hues of the beads resonated with Khan’s aesthetic sensibilities and captured the essence of what the evil eye symbolizes – warding off negative energy. 

This unassuming yet meaningful accessory effortlessly blended with Sara Ali Khan’s overall look that day.

Its simplicity acted as a gentle reminder to stay grounded and protected amidst life’s pressures and challenges. 

As an actress constantly under scrutiny from media and fans alike, it is no wonder that she sought solace in this powerful amulet.

By embracing this low-key approach to the evil eye trend, Khan exemplified how even subtle jewelry can make a statement and serve as a personal talisman against negativity in our day-to-day lives. 

Janhvi Kapoor 

Janhvi Kapoor, the young Indian actress known for her style and elegance, is no stranger to embracing the power of the evil eye.

In true fashionista form, Kapoor has been spotted wearing a pair of breathtaking diamond and sapphire evil eye earrings that are simply mesmerizing.

These earrings feature vivid blue sapphire eyes surrounded by dazzling diamonds, creating an enchanting combination that turns the protective symbol into a true work of art. 

It wouldn’t be surprising if these earrings were inherited from Kapoor’s mother’s jewelry collection, as they exude a timeless beauty fit for any red-carpet event.

When Janhvi Kapoor steps out wearing these magnificent evil eye earrings, she effortlessly showcases how this ancient symbol can become a high-fashion statement piece. 

The vibrant blue sapphires draw attention to her eyes, enhancing their sparkle and capturing everyone’s gaze.

The exquisite craftsmanship of these earrings is evident in every facet of the diamonds and the precision of the sapphire setting. 

It is fascinating to see how Kapoor seamlessly blends different styles when it comes to the evil eye charm.

While some prefer more minimalist versions, she embraces both minimalist and lavish renditions with equal grace. 

These diamond and sapphire evil eye earrings perfectly exemplify her ability to strike a balance between understated elegance and extravagant glamour.

One can imagine Janhvi Kapoor making a grand entrance at an exclusive gala or walking down the red carpet with these stunning earrings adorning her ears. 

The playfulness of the bold blue sapphires juxtaposed against the brilliance of diamonds creates an unforgettable visual impact that complements any glamorous ensemble she chooses to wear.

Janhvi Kapoor’s choice to wear these captivating diamond and sapphire evil eye earrings demonstrates her keen sense of style and appreciation for fine jewelry. 

By transforming this ancient symbol into a high-fashion accessory, she effortlessly proves that even protective charms can become statement pieces on prestigious occasions.

With each appearance in these luxurious earrings, Kapoor solidifies her position as a trendsetter in the world of fashion and showcases the endless possibilities of incorporating the evil eye motif in glamorous settings. 

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, the charismatic King of Bollywood, has always been a trendsetter when it comes to fashion. It’s no surprise that he effortlessly incorporates the evil eye style into his wardrobe.

During public appearances and promotional events, Khan has been seen donning a stunning diamond and sapphire evil eye bracelet that perfectly complements his cool grays and blacks. 

The vivid blue sapphire eye not only adds a touch of mystery but also symbolizes protection against malevolent forces.

This ornate piece, with its exquisite craftsmanship, reflects Khan’s regal status and helps him ward off the evil of envy while interacting with his adoring fans. 

One can’t help but wonder if this magnificent jewelry was a gift from a co-star or stylist who recognized the significance of the evil eye in shielding against negative energy. It wouldn’t be surprising given Khan’s immense popularity both on and off screen. 

The bracelet not only serves as a stylish accessory but also carries with it an air of luxury and exclusivity. But Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t reserve his love for the evil eye exclusively for casual occasions. 

He has also demonstrated how men can incorporate this protective amulet into their formal wear with finesse. At a prestigious awards ceremony, Khan wore a diamond evil eye lapel pin that caught everyone’s attention. 

The sparkling diamonds not only added an element of sophistication to his attire but also elevated the evil eye into a luxurious male accessory.

It is quite likely that this exquisite lapel pin came from Khan’s own extensive jewelry collection, showcasing his refined taste and penchant for exceptional pieces. 

By wearing such statement jewelry, he reminds us all that men too can embrace symbols of protection in their fashion choices.

Shah Rukh Khan continues to inspire millions around the world with his impeccable style choices, be it on or off-screen. 

His fondness for statement evil eye jewelry demonstrates not only his commitment to staying fashionable but also his belief in the power of the evil eye to ward off negativity.

Truly, Khan is a trendsetter who effortlessly combines luxury and style with symbolism and meaning. 

Model Gigi Hadid 

Model Gigi Hadid, known for her impeccable fashion sense, has effortlessly embraced the trend of evil eye necklaces.

Often seen sporting a purple bead evil eye pendant necklace, she adds a touch of whimsy to her off-duty outings. The necklace features matching purple beads on a double cord, creating a layered effect when paired with other delicate chains. 

The soft purple hue not only adds an unexpected pop of color to her ensemble but also serves as a powerful talisman, protecting her from negative energies that may lurk in the fashion world.

But Gigi’s love for evil eye necklaces doesn’t stop at just one color. 

She has also been spotted wearing variations in bright blues, ranging from light aqua beads to dark navy enamel.

These vibrant and eye-catching charm necklaces are perfect companions for music festivals and parties, adding an element of fun and style to her overall look. 

Whether it’s the shimmering aqua shades reminiscent of the ocean or the deep navy tones that exude sophistication, Hadid effortlessly blends fashion and function through these charismatic accessories.

It’s worth highlighting that Gigi’s collection of evil eye necklaces is not merely limited to ones she purchases herself; many are picked up during her travels or gifted by close friends who understand her affinity for unique jewelry pieces. 

Each necklace tells its own story and holds sentimental value beyond its fashionable appeal. Hadid’s knack for incorporating these trendy yet meaningful pieces into her casual wear showcases how they have become an essential part of her personal style. 

By creatively layering them with dainty chains or choosing colors that complement her outfits, Gigi effortlessly brings out the protective powers attributed to these ancient symbols.

Her choice to embrace evil eye necklaces not only demonstrates her fashion-forward approach but also highlights their significance as a source of positive energy in our daily lives. 

Jennifer Aniston Evil Eye

Jennifer Aniston 

When it comes to stacking bracelets, she opts for multiple thin gold pieces adorned with small diamond evil eye charms.

These bracelets have become a signature look for her, with each piece likely collected over the years and lovingly layered daily to create a cumulative protective effect. 

The combination of shimmering gold and sparkling diamonds not only adds a touch of glamour but also serves as an unobtrusive reminder of protection against negative energies.

To further incorporate the symbol into her everyday style, Aniston adorns her fingers with a simple gold evil eye ring. 

This delicate piece features a tiny diamond winking at its center, adding a subtle yet meaningful touch to casual events and interviews.

It is plausible that this exquisite ring was gifted by a stylist or designer friend who understands Aniston’s affinity for understated elegance and appreciation of symbolic accessories. 

The minimalist design allows Aniston to discreetly carry the protective energy of the evil eye while remaining effortlessly chic.

Aniston’s choice of minimalist evil eye jewelry demonstrates her understanding that protection need not be flashy or ostentatious. 

Instead, she embraces pieces that blend seamlessly into her overall look without distracting from her natural beauty.

By infusing these subtle elements into her ensemble choices, Jennifer Aniston encapsulates the essence of understated sophistication while confidently warding off any negative influences that may come her way. 


When it comes to evil eye fashion, Beyoncé definitely knows how to make a grand entrance. She takes an opulent approach that leaves everyone in awe. 

One of her most memorable looks was when she wore huge statement earrings adorned with vivid sapphire eyes and glittering diamonds.

These eye-catching pieces were intricately designed with elaborate filigree to perfectly match her performance outfits. 

The combination of the vibrant sapphire eyes and the sparkling diamonds made a powerful statement that commanded attention wherever she went.

But Beyoncé doesn’t stop at earrings; she also loves to rock diamond evil eye rings on special occasions. 

Whether it’s an awards show or a glamorous party, you can count on Queen Bey to add that extra touch of sparkle and protection with her choice of accessories.

These diamond evil eye rings are not just ordinary pieces but rather exquisite creations gifted to her by her husband Jay-Z. 

As if their love wasn’t enough, these rings serve as a constant reminder of their belief in the power of the evil eye for warding off negativity and maintaining their fierce presence in the industry.

What truly sets Beyoncé’s evil eye style apart is how she effortlessly blends luxury and superstition. 

It’s not just about wearing expensive jewelry; it’s about embracing ancient beliefs and infusing them with modern flair.

By incorporating the protective symbolism of the evil eye into her fashion choices, Beyoncé creates a visually stunning display that captivates audiences worldwide. 

Her show-stopping flair proves that even in the world of superstition, one can never compromise on style and elegance.

So, next time you see Beyoncé rocking those dazzling evil eye earrings or donning a stunning diamond ring, remember that there’s more than meets the eye. 

Behind those luxurious accessories lies a deep connection to tradition and an unwavering belief in using fashion as a source of strength and protection against negative energies.

It’s time we all take inspiration from Queen Bey’s opulent approach to evil eye fashion and embrace it as a symbol of empowerment and beauty. 

Blake Lively 

Blake Lively, known for her fashion-forward choices, takes the concept of evil eye accessories to a whole new level by infusing an artsy twist.

She effortlessly expresses her unique style by opting for hand-painted ceramic versions of the evil eye. On one occasion, she was spotted wearing an earthy evil eye pendant that boasted a captivating blend of blues, browns, and whites. 

It is likely that she stumbled upon this gem at a street fair, where local artisans showcase their creations.

Blake expertly paired this pendant with a casual outfit, allowing the handmade charm to become the focal point of her ensemble. 

But Blake doesn’t stop there – she also knows how to accessorize with flair. At a star-studded movie premiere, she adorned her wrist with a set of vibrant blue ceramic evil eye bead bracelets. 

Not only did these bracelets support an independent artist’s craftsmanship, but they also added a touch of boho vibes to her look.

The combination of various shades and intricate designs created an alluring tapestry on her wrist as each individual bead seemed to tell its own story. 

What sets Blake Lively apart is her ability to tailor the evil eye symbol to suit her personal style preferences.

By embracing the DIY aesthetic and selecting uniquely painted ceramics from local artists or street vendors rather than mass-produced pieces, she adds an eclectic edge that truly reflects her artistic sensibilities. 

Her fearless approach inspires others to explore unconventional avenues when it comes to accessorizing with protective symbols like the evil eye.

It’s evident that celebrities like Blake Lively have recognized not only the cultural significance but also the artistic potential behind incorporating the evil eye into their personal style statements. 

Through their choices in hand-painted ceramic pendants and bead bracelets, they encourage us all to embrace our creativity and express ourselves authentically through our accessories.

So next time you’re looking for something truly special and one-of-a-kind, consider exploring local art markets or supporting independent artists to find an evil eye piece that perfectly captures your individuality. 

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, known for her fashion-forward style and impeccable taste, has been spotted donning minimalist gold evil eye jewelry on numerous occasions.

One of her go-to pieces is a simple 14k gold evil eye ring, featuring a delicate sapphire pupil that adds a touch of elegance to her overall look. 

She effortlessly incorporates this symbolic accessory into her high fashion runway shows, allowing the designs to take center stage while discreetly channeling the power of the evil eye.

It’s fascinating how Jenner seamlessly blends fashion with spiritual beliefs. 

Not limited to rings alone, Jenner also embraces dainty gold evil eye necklaces adorned with exquisite diamond accents.

She skillfully layers these whisper-thin chains together for her casual outings, creating a chic and stylish statement. 

It’s worth noting that these delicate pieces may have been picked up during her travels around the world.

Whether she stumbled upon them in bustling markets or stumbled upon them in hidden gem boutiques tucked away in narrow alleyways, Jenner seems drawn to these subtle yet captivating accessories. 

By choosing minimalist designs and opting for understated colors like gold and sapphire blue, Kendall Jenner proves that one can integrate spirituality into their personal style without overpowering it.

Her choice to wear such pieces speaks volumes about her connection with the symbolism behind the evil eye amulet – a timeless talisman believed to protect against negative energy and ward off jealousy. 

Jenner’s ability to seamlessly incorporate these accessories into various aspects of her life showcases not only her fashion sense but also her appreciation for the deeper meanings associated with them.

From runway shows where she confidently struts down catwalks to casual outings where she effortlessly exudes an aura of grace and sophistication, Kendall Jenner serves as an inspiring example of how one can embrace protective symbolism in a tasteful and meaningful manner through their jewelry choices. 

In the following sections, we will explore how other celebrities interpret and incorporate the evil eye style into their own unique fashion statements.

Each with their distinct flair, these individuals exemplify the versatility and adaptability of this ancient symbol in the modern world. 

Pop Star Dua Lipa 

Pop star Dua Lipa is known for her vibrant and eclectic style, and when it comes to evil eye jewelry, she doesn’t shy away from making a bold statement.

During her lively music festival performances, she has been spotted rocking chunky acrylic evil eye bracelets in eye-catching neon hues like pink and green.

These bracelets not only add a playful pop of color to her outfits but also serve as a symbol of protection against negative energy. 

But that’s not all – Lipa’s love for the evil eye extends to her necklaces as well.

On stage, she often adorns herself with beaded earth-tone evil eye necklaces that perfectly complement her avant-garde fashion sense. 

What makes these necklaces even more special is that Lipa handpicks them herself, choosing ones with intricate handcrafted details acquired during her tours around the globe.

Whether it’s the energetic atmosphere of a music festival or the artistic expression on stage, Dua Lipa effortlessly incorporates these colorful and unique evil eye pieces into her ensembles. 

They serve not only as stylish accessories but also as a representation of her belief in the protective power of this ancient symbol.

With Lipa’s fearless embrace of individuality and creativity, it’s no wonder she stands out among other celebrities with her vibrant and eclectic take on the evil eye style. 

Model Bella Hadid 

Model Bella Hadid is known for her edgy sense of style, and when it comes to the evil eye trend, she certainly knows how to make a statement.

At parties and events, you can often spot Bella rocking evil eye chokers that add an instant boldness to her outfit. 

She takes it up a notch by opting for black leather and silver evil eye chokers with dangling charms, giving off an air of both mystery and sophistication.

These statements clubbing pieces perfectly complement her fierce personality and add a touch of intrigue to her overall look. 

But Bella doesn’t stop there – she truly knows how to command attention with her choice of accessories.

For a friend’s birthday bash, she went all out by selecting a chunky chrome evil eye choker necklace that demanded everyone’s gaze. 

This eye-catching piece not only showcased her love for the protective symbol but also added an element of glamour to her ensemble.

To complete the look, she paired the necklace with matching earrings that boasted the same bold chrome design. 

With this stunning combination, Bella proved that incorporating the evil eye into your outfit can be both fashionable and captivating.

Bella’s fearless approach to incorporating the evil eye into her style demonstrates how versatile this symbol can be. 

Whether it’s through black leather chokers or chunky chrome necklaces, she proves that you can play around with different materials and designs while embracing the protective power of this ancient amulet.

So if you’re looking to make a daring fashion statement at your next event or party, take some inspiration from Bella Hadid – channel your inner edginess with bold evil eye accessories that are sure to turn heads and invite curious glances wherever you go. 

Final Thoughts

Today’s stars made the evil eye awesome with their signature styles. Beyoncé dazzles in diamond earrings.

Kendall Jenner keeps it subtle with bracelets. Their flair shows how to make tradition new.

The classic amulet now fits pop culture perfectly. It reminds us old symbols stay meaningful. Props to the celebs rockin’ this ancient vibe.

Want to see more about how culture evolves? Don’t miss our next article on modern music remixing traditional sounds.

Shout out to the stars for making the evil eye so popular today. Beyoncé, Jenner and more took an old symbol and made it new.

Their awesome evil eye jewelry blends ancient meaning with cool style.

They rock big shiny rings, chic bracelets, and more. The evil eye look now fits right into pop culture.

Props to the celebs who remixed an ancient legend. Their fun spins on the classic evil eye inspire us. It shows old traditions can be made fresh again.

The evil eye’s ancient power remains relevant. Its story continues thanks to creative celebs. Their designs share meaningful culture with the world. That’s what makes this timeless amulet stay so chill.

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Discover how this famous amulet spread its protective power through time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do celebrities wear evil eye jewelry and accessories?

Celebrities wear evil eye symbols as a fashion statement but also to channel the amulet’s protective powers. The evil eye is thought to ward off bad energy and envy – something stars can relate to in the public eye.

Which celebrities have worn expensive, luxury evil eye jewelry?

Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian are known for wearing bold, opulent evil eye pieces covered in diamonds and gems. Other stars like Shilpa Shetty and Shah Rukh Khan have also sported extravagant evil eye rings and bracelets.

Do any celebrities opt for more subtle, minimalist evil eye styles?

Yes, stars like Meghan Markle and Kendall Jenner often choose delicate, understated evil-eye necklaces and bracelets. The subtle styles allow them to blend the charm into everyday wear.

What unique evil eye jewelry have celebrities been spotted wearing?

Some celebrities like Blake Lively and Dua Lipa go for unique, artsy evil eye accessories. They may wear hand-painted or locally crafted pendants and beads rather than expensive designer pieces.

Why does the evil eye appeal to celebrities across cultures?

The evil eye is an ancient symbol used globally, so the protective amulet resonates with stars across Eastern and Western cultures. Its timeless elegance and mystical appeal make it a favorite accessory.


How do famous people protect themselves from magic and spells?

Evil Eye

The History of the Evil Eye, an Ancient Symbol of Protection


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